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What is a “National Emergency”?


What constitutes a ‘National Emergency’? When Tony Abbott started to bandy this phrase around, I thought I might do some research.

In Egypt right now, you have protesters attacking each other and in some cases killing each other. But this only constitutes a state of emergency. When New Orleans was hit by a hurricane that flooded 80% of the city and is still flooded in some parts today, this was only a state of emergency.

The ONLY time something gets to a level of “National Emergency” is when a nation is at war or under attack.

And that is what Tony Abbott is trying to say. We are at war. That people coming here by boats is the same thing as the Germans burning Jews. That desperate people on a boat is the same as a invading battalion of tanks. And most importantly. Abbott is thinking of the commercial national interest.

That bodies of one year olds floating in the ocean can affect safe waterways for those coal ships.


A. Ghebranious July 2013

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