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They say politics is a dirty game, but you really have to understand just what kind of a politician our new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd really is. The man is ruthless. Never forget this. And this is a brilliant attribute to have when going against a ruthless opposition leader.

Gillard had that determination thing, the resilience thing, the ticka thing; but her greatest attribute negotiation meant she was seen as not been as ruthless. She compromises.

Now Abbott has a problem again. The return of Rudd can be a great threat to him indeed because the two have the same ruthlessness.

But beware Tony. Kevin is vicious.

For example, the day of the resignations post the faux coup. He could have announced that he would never challenge in the blue room where Bowen and Ferguson had fallen on their sword. No. Kevin got on a plane, flew to Queensland and held his press conference here.


He chose the one spot that echoed the wound the former Prime Minister Julia Gillard had for the term of her term, the spot where she said those words.



Lets be serious folks. Politicians say stupid shit all the time. Why did what Gillard say back then wound her so in your mind? And why is it that we tend to forgive male politicians faster than females? That’s what the shades of grey we have to discover in our own culture. Still. Tony. Be scared mate!




A. Ghebranious June 2013

  1. Elizabeth Bassett permalink

    Reassured by reading your blog that I am not alone in seeing Rudd as vicious. Abbott & Rudd like pair of bookends, made of same stuff and not much substance separating them.
    I feel at a real loss to know where to ho from here. I’m sick & tired of “getting over it”. Too many times and for far too long. So disappointed in fellow Australians.
    Well done.

  2. Helena permalink

    Same Elizabeth – heartily disheartened! Shame negotiating and compromise are such dirty words in politics. Works a treat in real life. It also is bizarre that those who yell about the carbon tax broken promise also didn’t vote for her/Labor – I voted for her but it wasn’t because of that comment. Sigh.

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