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A Prime Minister History of the Murray Darling bill



The issue of the Murray Darling Basin has been in the hands of Parliament since 1914. The following is a list of the Prime Ministers that attempted to solve this issue since then.

Andrew Fisher 1908–09 1910–13 1914–15

Joseph Cook 1913–14

William Morris Hughes 1915–23

Stanley Melbourne Bruce 1923–29

James Scullin 1929–32

Joseph Lyons 1932–39

Earle Page 1939

Robert Menzies 1939–41 1949–66

Arthur Fadden 1941

John Curtin 1941–45

Francis Forde 1945

Ben Chifley 1945–49

Harold Holt 1966–67

John McEwen 1967–68

John Gorton 1968–71

William McMahon 1971–72

Gough Whitlam 1972–75

Malcolm Fraser 1975–83

Robert Hawke 1983–91

Paul Keating 1991–96

John Howard 1996–2007

Kevin Rudd 2007–10



The following is the Prime Minister who managed to get it done.

Julia Gillard 2010–13

Maybe more parliamentarians should take up knitting.




A. Ghebranious June 2013

One Comment
  1. Good article. There are a lot of people who just love to knit, men included.
    There is long list of PM’s who haven’t succeeded in tackling the Murray Darling Basis isn’t there.
    Who would want to oust a very successful PM, one that has had the ability to negotiate a very successful outcome after over a hundred years.

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