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The PM started the gender wars.

She mentioned ties. To women no less! Outrage! That woman!

But last year, the Prime Ministers female cabinet were labelled handbags. Presumably because the PM has tits and therefore carries a handbag. I remember the outrage then too. How can a party that calls itself a party for all consider women as handbags they asked in the press! How could the coalition start a gender war they announced.

Actually. No. They didn’t. Did they. Guess the PM picked on the wrong accessory when she mentioned ties. Nice to see equality in action in the media.

Oh. I was going to mention policy just then, but I realised I have run out of time.

Go on people. You know you want to ask.

What’s going on?


Ohh. I found this video. And it has a tweet of mine in it at the beginning! Bizarro! And if you stick around to the end of Pyne’s answer, he concludes that the PM’s father died of shame. This is the c**t that is now responsible for the education of the nation.


A. Ghebranious June 2013

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