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Man’s obsession with differences fascinates me. Whether these be the differences  in the color of ones hair, the color of ones eyes, the color of ones skin, or differences in ones genitals.

The use of these differences then to try and group us in like kinds is somehow meant to play on some primitive call to tribe.

But why stop there? Technically, we are all different. Not one single one of us is exactly the same. Not really. Not even clones or twins. Ask a twin about their other and they can rattle off a whole mess of differences that it amazes them why the world cant tell them apart.

That’s because of a complicated mixture of life experiences and chromosomes and genes. Genes we now legally own. Phew huh? Imagine if they had a recall?

So if we are all different, then whats the point of spending time looking for differences?



A Ghebranious  June 2013

  1. sem4peter permalink

    And there are no ‘races’. The concept of ‘race’ is a hangover from our colonial past. While we are all ‘different’, the human genome project has demonstrated all humans are genetically 99.9% the same that dispels the myth of ‘race’.

    • More reason to spend time talking about whats the same rather than whats different. But at the same time acknowledge there are differences.

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