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To the Node Policy



Have you figured out the pattern yet? It seems a lot of the coalition policy is to the node policy. From their climate change policy through to their education policy. Even Disability Care under their management will be to the node. The coalition are not fans of addressing an issue so much as masking one. Their concept of financial management is to minimise spending, including on investment projects.

Its like if you dont maintain your car carefully. You skimp here and there on a service. Sure you save some dollars now, but you reduce the life cycle of the car ending up costing you more in replacing the defunct vehicle. Or worse, the saving of a few dollars results in a brake pad not replaced when it should have and that result can be disastrous.

The coalition argue that you shouldn’t maintain your car all the time or use genuine parts when you can get a cheaper knock off. That there is no need to maintain the brakepads on the education system or the seat belt on the health system. Much better to save all that money they say. It’s like their Superannuation policy where they try to convince you that skimping a few dollars for a couple of years now wont have a big effect on super payout in the future.

Instead they flash the cash and demand to be shown the money. Its like those shonky second hand car dealers that advertise $1000 in the boot and then jack up the price of the car by $2000.

Its like telling the electorate their children are not worth spending the money on. Or worse. The idea that good enough is good enough. Well that’s crap.

Where is the hope and opportunity there Tony? Where is the spark that drives someone to excel. Why would they need to excel if good enough was good enough? The message you deliver to the community is they are not good enough to have the best possible start in education. They are not good enough to have the best in communications. They are not good enough to try and reduce emissions.

Wrong Tony.

The people of this country are good enough. It is your policy that is not. My family and the families of others are worthy of the best start they can get. We are worth it.



A.Ghebranious May, 2013

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