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While you were all concentrating on the mining BOOM, seems Australia was having another.



So Australia is now 23 million people strong! Or weak. Depending on the poll and how you interpret the results.

It got me in a statistical minded mood. Especially when I keep reading stuff about how the ALP has ‘stuffed’ the boom. You see, population is a very important factor. Hugely so.

It influences income tax revenue for governments, it dictates where spending is to be directed in regards to not only meeting services at a current level, but planning for services needed in the future. That is one of the reasons why they have census night amongst other things.

I consulted the interweb and discovered a rather interesting set of numbers. The population in 1996 according to the census taken on 6th August showed us there were 17,892,423 Australians that night. The results of the census of the 8th of August 2006 revealed that the number of Australians had become 19,855,288. A growth of 1,962,855 Australians extra seeking work.

Now while we have no 2016 data yet, we do know this.

In 2006, our population was 150,000 short of twenty million. And now in 2013, the population is now 23 million. A increase of 3,144,712 extra of us.

That’s about double the growth under the Howard period of government, and there are still three more years till 2016. More schools. More roads. More hospitals. Suddenly a High Speed Train for when the population is set to be 40 million is not that stupid an idea is it?

Yes there are now 23 million of us. But not all make up the workforce. In fact, the employment to population numbers are very interesting.

Employment-to-population ratio in OECD countries
Persons aged 15-64 years (percentages) 

Country          1970 1980 1990 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Australia          66.7  65.2  68.4  69.3   69.0   69.4   70.0  70.3    71.5

                              2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

                                72.2   72.9   73.2  72.0   72.4  72.7   65.1

Okay. Basically a number over 70% is good. And as you can see Australia reached a peak of 73.2% in 2008. But what happened in 2012 you ask?

Well there is that other boom I was talking about. The baby BOOMers. Retiring and leaving the workforce. Also shows you why the increase in 457 visas. Because of a huge percentage chunk in work force participation just went down.

So there you are governing and at the same time you get this world wide GFC, we also got to give out gold watches to about 7% of the work force. Just in time for a boom in the value of gold.

So when people talk about managing the boom, I got to ask. Which boom are you talking about?




A.Ghebranious 2013

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