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“You cannot change the laws of physics Jim! “


The following graph is vital to understanding the difference between what the government is offering and what the coalition are supporting.
Pretty clear difference huh? But wait! There’s more! To get the maximum speed on copper, you need much more electricity.

So the coalition offer also means we need to build some extra power plants. Something conveniently missing from the coalition sales package.
Lets compare the offers then shall we? The coalition are saying for 7 billion dollars less, they will do 75% less work in two years less. It’s like putting in a tender for a dam and saying ours is cheaper then theirs, but the dam height is much lower and the dam doesn’t span the whole river. But if you want the dam to go all the way across, all you have to do is pay for it yourself.

I will give you some thinking time since what is at stake is the jeopardy of digital communications in this country.


A. Ghebranious April 2013

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