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The burn that comes with a rise in temperature.



Watching the 1st world act as if it is not their problem to do anything about climate change and instead blame the third world got me thinking about melanin. That wonderful thing some of the lighter and paler of our species who mostly live in the 1st world have a lot less of then their darker skinned cousins in the third world.

You see as the temperatures rise, those of our species who belong to the classification Caucasian are in for an increase in skin cancer.

And that got me thinking about those browner/darker humans in the third world and how they are much better able to put up with the extra heat a little better.

And that got me thinking about the bible.

Blessed are the meek:
for they shall inherit the earth. – Matthew 5.5

So go ahead. Lets build that other coal power plants. Let’s burn all the fossil fuel you can eat.




A. Ghebranious April 2013

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