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Response to Larry Pickering (Seems the stupid get stupider)


I wont insult people by supplying a link to Larry Pickering’s site for men with small genitalia, but I do want to respond to a little of his “investigative journalism”

Tweets critical of Abbott have remained untouched. Among those emanating from the PM’s office are particularly offensive such as from the account of AshGhebranious: “They will send Abbott’s daughters to Indonesia to have sex with Ministers till they allow coalition to tow back boats.” That tweet remains.

Another from the same account: “You planning to murder any refugees today? Putting it live stream for your fans” #730# Auspol @MathiasCorman.

Sorry. My tweets do not come from the PM’s office. I dont even live in Canberra. What a wank! Secondly, the tweets are responses to other tweets but lets ignore context. I will take on the last one first. The context of this was the coalition’s continuing refusual to implement the full 22 points of the Houston plan fully aware that if they do not, lives will be lost. They have had all the advise from all the bodies including ASIO and they still lie to the public. To me, they may as well be shooting random  asylum seekers as they got on a boat.

Also in regards to my tweet which seems to have offended so many as clearly Abbott’s children are born of an immaculate virgin. Abbott has been hiding behind his daughters now for months. He uses them as a human shield. At one presser, he turned to one of them for comment. Not the shadow minister he was with, his daughters. Are they elected officials? No. So they must be super secret spies or something.

Abbott seemed to always have his daughters with him when he talked about asylum seekers and Indonesia. So I assumed they were part of his strategy in getting Indonesia to accept the boats.

Are you people all fools? Do you not even bother ask your god king what his policies are? Are you so blind to the reality of the economy to even believe him when he puts it down?

Clearly you are.

PM’s office? What a gross lie at worse and total ineptitude at best. Tell me. Is your blogging coming out of Tony Abbott’s arse? PS – According to this from yet another attacker, I wrote a tweet and then I “broadcast it live on TV”. I rest my case.


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  1. Tweed permalink

    Ash. I think we can comfortably conclude that Larry has had a full and successful career in politics, journalism and star status for his renown and funny cartoons. To my mind his greatest success has been his fearless pursuit of Gillard and Labor in the last few years. Larry has been one of the few journalists who have fearlessly investigated and reported Gillard’s alleged failings.
    If ever there was a case for Freedom of the Press Larry is it.

    • Julia permalink

      Fearless pursuit in gaga-land you mean: the man just fantasises. Sorry to disabuse you, but you are just being an idiot admiring this has-been.

    • Peter permalink

      Good troll, though lacks depth. 6/10.

  2. Dude. Drawing cartoons does not make you a journalist. That requires a level of research

  3. Elmore permalink

    Back to the real issue – If Abbott wants to use his family in a press conference publicly but then get’s upset when they are attacked publicly, he should take a good long look at himself. Seriously no fucking politician has the right to bring their family into politics. I really don’t care what a politicians family or marital status is. I care about what policy they bring to parliment and vote on or against. I vote for or against them, not their offspring. Take your ugly kids and go home and put their chastity belts on for all I care, but I don’t want to see them at press conferences. Charity events, yes. Special commemorative days where is appropriate yes, but a press conference??? Oh and by the way Larry has some serious mental health issues, he really does and needs to go talk to a professional. (And I mean that without any regard to any stance he has on Gillard or any politician unfavorable or not)

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