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Just a case of history repeating


Despite people still telling themselves that history never repeats, it often does. It is startling. From the most major world incidents to the smallest seemingly insignificant event, history has a way of repeating.

Napoleon had it all worked out. He would be in to the Russian capital by Autumn. Whoops! Almost 130 years later, the Nazis boasted of being in control of the Russian capital by Autumn. Whoops!

And despite knowing the Mongols could not conquer Afghanistan, the Turks could not conquer Afghanistan, and the Russians could not conquer Afghanistan, we thought we might give it a shot.

Ahh History. Its like looking into the future really. If you really really look. And know what you are looking for. So I was very much taken aback with David Marr’s essay on Tony Abbot where he talks about Abbott’s uni days and that alleged wall punch incident.

Since then, we have had accusation and counter claim. Abbott to this day denies the event. Others say they witnessed something. And that is where most of the media had elected to focus re that moment in history. But Marr went on and described something else.

While Abbott categorically denies punching any walls, he does not deny this other part of the picture. Nor could he as there are written minutes. Abbott then spent the entire length of the winners term calling them chair thing. That’s a lot of grudge.

As I said. History is like a glimpse of the future, if you know what you are looking for. And no sooner had Abbott lost an election in 2010 when he began a campaign of calling the Prime Minister, chair thing. It in fact began before the election when he first called her illegitimate. After the election this became liar, criminal, whatever. And with the name calling came the wrecking ball fists of wall punching fury. You can almost taste the despise he has.

Abbott is just a case of history repeating. Lets stop him before the next wall punch shall we?

A. Ghebranious April 2013

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  1. Malcolm Brown permalink

    “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history – Aldous Huxley

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