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I made Andrew Bolt’s behavioural protocol watchlist!!! WOHOO!!!!



I’m famous! Andrew Bolt has written a lovely piece about me in his blog!

Andrew has taken offense at me pointing out the puff-pastry-Abbott-white-washing campaign that the coalition have been running. Just this weekend, the telegraph ran yet another puff pastry piece where Abbott’s daughters where once again asked about their father. Apparently this was something that was still confusing the community: what Abbott’s family and friends thought about Abbott. The public clamor for this new news.

New? Really?

Puff piece one

Puff piece two

Puff piece three

Puff piece four

Puff piece five

Puff piece six (my favorite as the girls get an outfit change. No media coordination here.)

Add two 60 mins pieces also in the last 6 months and you would think that the public should be getting the message by now. But like all advertising, all you do is repeat repeat repeat.

You see when Abbott’s media organise these events and the media run it, its for a reason. For 6 weekends or more over the last 6 months, we are subjected to the same story over and over again. It’s advertising. Nothing more. Further the talk back world spends the week talking about it as do the commentators and for 6 weeks, they do not have to mention coalition policy. Not once.

None of these stories even discuss if it is smart to place a smart digital broadband system on an old archaic analogue track. A analogue system that was never designed to transport digital data.

None of these stories discuss Abbott’s foreign affairs intention for Indonesia if they continue to refuse to take back the boats.

None of these stories discuss the importance of education and how the current system needs fixing.

None of these stories discuss coalition climate change policy or what they mean by making sure no industry produces more emissions then they need to to run their business. Think about that people. How will this even work? If a business produces 1 million bottles of wine and wants to increase production by 20%, then they will no doubt need to emit 20% more emissions. But is it not normal for a business to want to expand?

None of these stories mention trade agreements that are vital for industry such as the agreement the PM is signing with China in regards to its currency. Only the third nation in the world to have such an agreement. The other two are the USA and Japan.

All we got for 6 whole weeks is puff pastry noise.

Now apparently the Abbott’s needed to do this to fight the gender war the govt has started. Really people? Lets test that. Here is a link to a google search of the term ‘gender card politics‘. Have a long hard look at the number of articles attacking the PM. Weird huh? No not really. You can pay google to promote the pieces you want. Just ask Rupert.

Now puff pieces are just that. Puff. I am reminded of the rather bad puff piece done on the PM with Tim by 60 mins in 2011. Pure puff. And designed to sell the PM. All these above Abbott stories are the same exact puff pieces. But Andrew Bolt thinks Abbott’s daughters are immune from me pointing this out. He takes the time to not only point out he disagrees with my remark, but tells his followers where they can contact me. One guy sent me a death threat. All this because I chose to exercise my right to not remain silent.

Sorry Andrew. Next time you want to organise a hit on someone, dont trust those who think you are a smart guy. I will not be intimidated or bullied into silence Andrew. Next time, maybe you should post my full address Andrew so it saves time for your readers.

It is nice to know that Australia is being defended by the detective Andrew Bolt. So who watches him?


A. Ghebranious March 2013 (Still alive and kicking)

  1. Yo yu da man dude!!!! 🙂

  2. So Ash, did you deleet the tweet or is the Bolta talking out of his arse again?

  3. bushfirebill permalink

    You should find out Bolt’s address and publish that.

  4. Malcolm Brown permalink

    I agree with David, you are the man. Good work.

  5. Cuppa permalink

    Bolt, the Liberal screwball.

  6. Reblogged this on lmrh5.

  7. Andrew Bolt. egh! I’m sorry that you even have to think about such a pissant waste of space. Anyone who subscribes to his rants are without rational intellect.

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