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Digital Apartheid


The Coalition broadband policy is nothing but digital apartheid.

In a decision that would only benefit the owner of copper networks (hello Rupert), the coalition would hand over a monopoly to News Limited and their ownership of the copper. This would effectively lock out competitors or at the very least mean competitors get the weakest lines in the network.

It creates a landscape of digital apartheid where those able to move into the more expensive or newer suburbs an advantage over everyone else. Further, those in regional areas will be limited to the copper network that limits them now. Yet another division.

How can the coalition advocate a plan which will see one family get a superior service solely based on where they can afford to live? How can they say some businesses are not worthy of the same thing other businesses will get? How can Abbott say he will never divide Australians on any issue and keep a straight face?

On this issue alone, the coalition should lose the election. Malcolm it seems has become a complete slave to Abbott. And Abbott is still no tech head.



A. Ghebranious March 2013

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