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The heat is on


Tony Abbott must despise the climate change commission. They are only doing their job, but that is why he hates them. You see any group that releases data about temperatures they have recorded are bound to notice a rise in those temperatures.

Everytime the climate change commission releases data about the climate, it becomes clear to all that Abbott’s plant a tree policy is greatly lacking. In fact, it is clear that his plan never really was designed to work at all. To Abbott, climate change is too uncomfortable to face. It means having to change the way we do things. Abbott is not so big on change.

This may sound totally out of left field, but did you know that birds do not sweat? They dont have a system that allows them to perspire. This means to cool themselves off, they need to fly around to work off that heat or find water to bathe in. So how are our avian friends coping with the extra heat? Well. They are not.

Other things that birds are recently facing are (other then the heat) is the actual weather. Yes. I put warming and weather into two categories. Heat is heat. But weather….

Weather can see a bird that normally lives in one side of the planet being blown off course and landing on the other side of the planet. Here is a link to the WA bird watchers association web page. The page denotes rare and unusual sightings in red. Count the number in red for 2012. .

So birds cop it twice. The direct heat, and the resulting changes in weather that blow birds off their migration paths.

Meanwhile, in a recently melted lake in Russia, scientists have discovered a new bacteria that had been frozen that is 86% different from any other type of bacteria that we know of. The more of ice that melts means the more chance of finding yet another alien bacteria. One so alien, our immune systems can not cope.

Abbott hates data that point out to all an sundry that he is gonna need more than trees. You see, plants, like the birds, are having troubles themselves

The planet is warming. Birds are dying. Trees are dying. And Tony Abbott remains in denial to the reality of climate change. I got no trouble with Abbott continuing to think the planet is not warming. But it is just gross and utter incompetence on his part by saying his plan will work. It wont. Nor will Abbott’s plan of abolishing the Climate Commission stop thermometers recording temperature although it may prevent anyone knowing what that reading was. Apparently if you don’t remind people about the temperatures, no one will notice the dead birds and the dead trees.

Climate Change is real. Climate change is happening. Climate change is not just a political thing. You better get used to it Mr Abbott. Climate Change will be around.



A. Ghebranious March 2013

  1. Tweed permalink

    It will be one of the sweetest financial savings when they shut down the Climate Commission.
    The other blissful event will be when Abbott sacks Flannery and Steffen.
    What a load of BS us taxpayers have been paying for since 2007.
    I am going to bid for one of their coffee machines at the closing down auction.

    • Keith permalink

      Tweed another Liberal sucker who doesn’t want a clean future and thinks they speak for “us taxpayers” when they do not.

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