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Please explain?


Been sitting back and watching all the xenophobia debate of late.

First the coalition mention a policy that seems to imply asylum seekers are more dangerous then paedophiles. Oh I noticed Andrew Bolt went all mad at the semantics, but the reality of it all is the coalition did do this.

When Morrison bought up the policy, it was, he told us, because of incidents like the alleged sexual assault on a university campus. Of course, out of the countless thousands of sexual assaults that occur on university campuses every year, everyone had been thoroughly told about this one.

When Abbott came out and supported Morrison, then he was condoning the idea that asylum seekers are dangerous and needed to be watched.

Abetz then came out and tried to put a more family friendly spin on it. Apparently the lists are for the benefit of the asylum seeker. So people know they may have english speaking deficiencies. It was then pointed out to Senator Abetz that not even paedophiles have there whereabouts revealed to the public.

And that is my point. First Morrison links this watch list idea directly to a alleged offense, then Abbott condones it, and then Abetz tries to spin it into some kind of community service for asylum seekers. It is not. The ENTIRE purpose is to directly incite fear into the community of brown people. That is it. Apparently, that is not demonising foreigners claims Tony.

As for the ALP. Do I like the idea of politicians running with jobs for locals first mantras? Well no. But I challenge anyone to find a politician in all of recorded history that did not run with this policy in one form or another.

Now what are 457 visas. They are a supplement. They supplement the workforce when the workforce is short of skills in those areas. The visa holder comes in, fills the skills gap, works, pays taxes while here, then at the end of their tenure they take with them any monies they may have earned left over. That it self is an economic hit although not as much of a problem as this. They also take the experience they earned here away.

So at the end of their tenure, unless there has been jobs skills training , you are still short the same skills you were when you first needed to supplement. And not only that, you and now missing the experience. So yes, 457 visa must be used as a tool to AID the economy. To help us identify those skills gaps and fill them. The coalition want to use more 457 visas. I have to make the analogy of vitamin tablets. People take vitamin tablets to supplement their diet. They do not choose to make supplements a major proportion of their diet.

See? If the ALP had gone about explaining this better, then this is not about xenophobia. It is about managing the workforce to make it more resilient and robust. To make sure not only skills gaps are being filled, but that experience gap as well.

To sum up. The ALP proposed tighter scrutiny of 457 visas and were labelled xenophobes. The coalition infer that asylum seekers are not only dangerous, but more so then paedophiles, and apparently that is as equally xenophobic.

Really? Equally? Please explain? And it better be a good explanation or I don’t like it.


A. Ghebranious March 2013

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  1. 457 Visa workers is an issue that really concerns me. Worrying for the last few years watching an influx of Building companies from Sydney coming down the coast with mostly asian workers under quoting jobs. My husband had a chance to talk with some of the workers which were Chinese painters & plasters. Found out that the workers were being paid very little. While my husband pays his workers nearly 3 times as much per hour.

    Now painting and plastering are not highly skilled jobs. Many people will try paint themselves to save money ( tho they usually find out how hard & skilled painting/plastering really is)

    Point being is it’s not the workers on 457 thats the problem , its the low wages that those that employ them pay. You can not compete.

    So then our local businesses and industries suffer as it has a domino effect. Less money (wages) and work, less customers. The 457 visa problem has been building up and time has come for it to stop or be looked at before its to late.

    To finish up. I posted this comment in less words in many news sites including SBS and it never got shown, in any. I’m please to be able to voice my opinion here.

    As for Morrison and Abetz . Its worrying times when we have become accustom now to liking or supporting the bully.

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