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Trying to join some dots and weave a conspiracy theory


So, in all the Ted is gone talk on twitter, I got to thinking WHY he is gone and exactly who’s political decision was it to go after Simon Overland.

To me, with all the praising being lavished on Bailieu especially from the federal sphere, it was not his decision or that of the Victorian coalition. Maybe they were just following orders. But if you want someone gone yourself, you do not make blatant mistakes. You plan it better. Still, Ted’s boys bungled it big time. And it was Ted that took the fall.

Onya Ted for taking one for the team they all praised him as they failed to give him their confidence forcing him to resign. But that is yet even another lovely move. In order to cling onto power, the thing the coalition claim they never do, they knifed a 1st term leader, the other thing the coalition claim they never do. And just to reinforce that, in NT, the coalition leader of 6 months survived a leadership spill after an 8 hour meeting. 8 hours. Must have been a lot of issues they were not happy with. Still, he made it. Ignore the fact that this is the second challenge made against him in 4 weeks.

Now. Back to that conspiracy theory.

So the coalition in Victoria replace the police chief. And suddenly the police reopen investigations into HSU and AWU.

Nothing fishy going on there at all right?


A.Ghebranious March 2013

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