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Andrew Bolt and Bill O’Reily need a theme song



Clearly Andrew is not happy with democracy that does not end in a result he prefers. Neither was Bill. Both lamented the end of the age of the white male.

So I got to thinking, in the 1970s this song generated a lot of support for the women’s movement



so ..why not with a little change of lyrics have it an equal effect for the white male movement! I already put some thought into this.


I am white man, hear me fart
In demographic numbers dwindling fast
And I know its better to go back and pretend
Pull my finger go ahead
And you will smell my bottled dread
As I keep it rolled up deep inside my bowels

Oh yes my hairline recedes
But its recession born of my genes.
Yeah, I like my beer and pies
And yeah, look at how much I gained;
If I have to, I can put off anything
I am dull
I am regretable
I scratch my baalllls wohoo me!

(At this stage I wish to dispel my own illusions. Us non white blokes like beer, ball scratching, and being lazy too!)

Still further was a table that must make Donald Trump’s hairpiece even more upset.

Hilarious really. The nation that has the highest support for Mitt Romney (nearly a whole 18%) was Kenya.


A. Ghebranious 2012

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