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Recommendation 8 and 14 and sorting the wheat from the chaff


When the Houston Report was released, I had hoped that people would actually read it. That does not seem to be the case for the media. Suddenly migration zone became news.

This recommendation got a lot of attention.

Recommendation 8

The panel recommends that a capacity be established in Nauru as soon as practical to
process the claims of Imas transferred from australia in ways consistent with australian and
nauruan responsibilities under international law (paragraphs 3.44-3.55).

I remember the media talking about this. I remember the coalition strutting. I remember pictures of Nauru. But I do not remember anyone in the media or on either side of the house or in the Greens that mentioned anything about this

Recommendation 14

The panel recommends that the Migration Act 1958 be amended so that arrival anywhere
on australia by irregular maritime means will not provide individuals with a different lawful
status than those who arrive in an excised offshore place (paragraphs 3.72-3.73).

Suddenly this is now news? Suddenly this is something out of left field (or far right field)? The report was right there in the public domain. You did not read it. Apparently this is the governments fault.

Also this week. The coalition voted against free enterprise. Again. I actually think this is a very big thing. Pity media are not on this. You see, the coalition are two parties. One is the Liberal Party. And one is the National Party. And these two parties have distinctly opposing views on some issues. One of them was Wheat deregulation. And one is the MDB.

Now for the last two years, the Nationals have been loyally tagging along with the Liberals supporting stuff that they would never have if this was not a hung parliament. The Nationals bent over to the Liberals on their Health polices, their infrastructure polices, their infantile carbon tax war. So when it came to Wheat, the Nationals expected the coalition to bend over a little.

Things to note. The coalition in the lower house of federal parliament is made up of three parties. There are the Liberals (44 of them) and there are the Liberal National Party of Queensland (21 of them) and there are the Nationals (7 of them). Tony Crook is yet from a different mob called the WA Nationals.

Of the 21 LNPQ reps, most are regional ex nationals. So you got 44 Libs, 21 lib/Nats, 7 plain nats and 1 independent. So issues that affect regional electorates split the coalition into multiple fragments, even splitting the Liberals themselves.

Already Jamie Briggs from the Liberals is agitated with the LNPQ colleagues like Barnaby Joyce on water and wheat. And this on top of the foreign ownership campaign Barnaby has been running.

In all this huff and puff and chaff, two MPs with checkered records have become spokesmen for sanity.

Craig Thomson clearly did read the houston report because he was against off shore processing from the start. Thomson voted against his former party.

Peter Slipper lashed out at the coalition for their refusal to deregulate Wheat. He called it a political tactic designed to shore up the ‘flawed and fatally terminal’ leadership of Tony Abbott. Slipper voted against his former party.

Flux. Influx. Cause. Effect. Chaos. Order. Ying. Yang.

This is not a hung parliament. It is a karma parliament. One we voted for and deserved. One we got even though we claimed we were not ready. Someone should call the Karma Police.




A. Ghebranious

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  1. Well said, the only things I have seen in the M$M is smart arse comments about Thomson being the moral heart of the ALP.

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