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“What if men are by physiology or temperament more adapted to exercise authority or to issue command.”

This is a rather interesting statement from Tony Abbott. That somehow there are physical differences that would make a man better able to exercise authority; that somehow, the way men process thoughts make them better able to issue commands.

If Tony Abbott seriously believes this, then he already has decided that no woman in power can do the job better then a man. This has nothing to do with policy. Or with promises made and broken. This is not about the way he feels about anything political and is purely because he believes women are not able to lead.

The important thing to remember here is Tony Abbott made this comment after marrying Margie Abbott and fathering three daughters. No one can deny a fathers’s love for their children. But it seems to me that Tony has decided that they can never really be equal to men.

If Tony Abbott truly believes this, it means he has never accepted that the independents made the right decision on who to lead. To Tony the choice was obvious. Him. He was male. Julia Gillard is female. Therefore, being male, it should have been clear to Windsor, Oakshott and Katter that he and he alone was better adapted to exercise authority and to issue commands. It must have been terrible being a wall in the room Tony was in when he watched the independents hand over power to a WOMAN!!!!

Woman can do everything a man can do. They may not be able to lift as heavy weights. Or be as fast. Or be able to run a marathon faster then the best man in the world. But woman can still do all these things.

Men on the other hand, can not bear children.

Maybe that was what Tony was referring to re the differences between males and females.




A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Catching up permalink

    Nah, I believe that Tony is under the impression, only he can do the job.

    Of course he will keep all those women on hand to attend to all the annoying details and other matters that have to be dealt with.

    Some one to pick up after him.

  2. Catching up permalink

    As for bearing children, it looks like in the future, men will not even be needed to assist in this task.

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