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Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word


Alan Jones has not apologised. Not in any way. In fact, he is being downright disgusting and the coalition are licking his arse from balls sac to the centre of his bum.

Let’s take a long hard look at this thing.

During his Sunday press conference, Alan mentioned that it was an off the cuff statement that he heard earlier that afternoon. He also claimed he was well aware of how morally offensive that kind of statement is to anyone. Then said Alan, after six to eight hours of thoughtful reflection on just how morally offensive the statement was, only then did he repeat them.

And THEN he went on to defend why he said it! He called the audience and the coalition on its weakness! Yeah thats right! There is the news there. You deemed the audience at ‘your wavelength’. Those who attentively accept what you say. You thought you were safe, wrapped in a cosy blanket of young Liberal minds.

And you reviled even them.

Now after a week, Jones came out and did not apologise at all. What he did was try and justify why he said what he said. Justify the fact that you had a good period of thought time to reject it outright. Justify the fact that you then, after this period of reflection, opted to repeat them. And then justify how you then went on to defend what you said.

You have not apologised. You will never apologise. You sir are filth. And the coalition are clinging to you like a life raft in a tempest. They understand how dirty you are, but they embrace you.

That’s being weak.



<big>A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Print the Peta Credlin joke when ya find out there, sizzlechest.

    Rate the joke for offensiveness.

    Then judge Swan and co. accordingly.

  2. Return to the Chaser. You are lost in Humanity.

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