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The Phony Tony War


Battlelines. That was the title Tony Abbott gave his autobiography of his time in the Howard government.

It is therefore obvious that his love of war continues. Abbott has, like every Leader, his go to generals. Some inside the party like Cory Bernardi, and some outside the party like Alan Jones. Without totally wiping Alan Jones off his christmas list, Abbott is hoping that people will forget.

But Tony. We are Australians. We never forget our dead mate. Jones will be tainted ground to try and build a campaign with now buddy.

Abbott has lost the use of two generals in this current war in a week.

If Abbott was in the future to pen his reflections of this period, I wonder if the working title will be ‘Waterloo’.


A. Ghebranious 2012

One Comment
  1. Generals come and generals go, but don’t forget, in every misandrist’s sanitory pack is a general’s dick waiting to vibrate!

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