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Excess Luggage


What an interesting two weeks in politics. A time where the coalition bought out the handbag and used the biggest handbag it has to do it. Seriously. Here is a picture of man in drag and here is a picture of Christopher Pyne. Uncanny resemblance.

Here is another picture of another piece of luggage reading his favourite biography.

You are probably wondering where all these pics are going. Well there is of course the obvious news that Cory Bernardi has been flown to London to teach young minds about Cory Bernardi’s view of the world. Yes. I am annoyed at England for winning the ashes, but this is an awful way to get back at them.

The leader of the opposition had to jettison Cory from his front bench this week for alluding that same sex marriage is on par with zooaphilla. In a normal world, you would think that this would be enough to get you sacked from a front bench. Hell in a normal world, you would hope that people with extreme views like Bernardi would not get voted into parliament let alone made the right hand of the opposition leader, but Tony likes his men extreme and his walls hit.

Pyne and Bernardi do not like each other. In fact this is the second time that Bernardi has been fired. Once was when he was parliamentary secretary to Malcolm Turnbull. Yes people. Mal and Tony either like the extreme views of Cory Bernardi or they are in no position to say anything about it. While there are a few nutters that like to stick their head out in the coalition, most remain under the radar and hidden. Pretending that they are nice people and at the same time demanding the leader put Bernardi on the front bench.

The thing Bernardi did that cost him his job was not saying same sex is the same as sex with animals. Oh no. That was NOT why he was dropped. In fact Abbott started Wednesday with a 6:15am press conference. This I assume to avoid journalists who normally comment on politics. In this presser, while Abbott told us all about how naughty his attack dog Cory was, he did not indicate in any way that he will be doing anything about it.

As the morning unfolded, Bernardi added to his comments from the senate by doing a radio interview. So what you say. The problem for Cory was he decided to call in a radio station that normally does a regular fluff piece with the mincing poodle Pyne. Pyne was furious on being bumped. Pyne called Tony who told him to take a mogadon and relax. Then Pyne called a friend who called an enemy who then called a friend of the enemy who then called an enemy of a friend etc until Turnbull got onto TV at 9.30am and virtually sacked Bernardi.

Two hours later, at around lunchtime Abbott bit the bullet and made the sacking official. So while Tony was up and at them from 6:15am and Bernardi was pissing on Pyne’s parade at 7.30am and Turnbull firing Bernardi at 9.30am, the slow functioning Abbott finally conceded the loss of his right arm at lunch time and jettisoned the excess luggage. Politics. Its so dirty!.

So Abbott had to let his attack dog go and has hitched his wagons to your handbag dog, Christopher Pyne. And Pyne has come out swinging.

Firstly. Some information. Did you know that if you listened to question time live, you would get around 15-20 minutes of Christopher Pyne doing his best impression of a man as he stands up to POO on behalf of Tony. But if you hear a delayed version, they cut out the POOs. Thats right! There are some people who may not get a chance to hear parliament live who are totally unaware what filth and scum Christopher Pyne is.

I am a fan of the unexpurgated version. And it was after a horrid poll for the coalition that poodle boy came out (unintentional play on words?) and revived calling the Prime Minister a slag and a bag. I assume Larry Pickering loves it when Chris gets him this horny.

Recently, Chris has added to his repertoire. He now refers to women in the government as the ‘handbag brigade’ and the ‘handbag mafia’.

This coming from a ‘man’ who I predict will one day sit down his children and explain to them that Uncle James is not really their uncle.

Pyne swung his handbag all week. Anytime a woman on the front bench of the government spoke, he would interrupt and hit them with his handbag. The coalition really was not going anyway with this line of attack, so when you need someone one to do a man’s job, who else to turn to but Julie “I got my eyes on and around you at the same time” Bishop. 

Julie came out with Joe Hockey (there is that innuendo again) on twitter saying they have had enough of women attacking their fearless leader. How dare they allude that Abbott specifically choose a location to do a press conference for the visual effect! It is not like Tony goes out of his way to be seen in workplaces or laying bricks or racing 9 year olds or dressing up as a cop or going bang bang while in Afghanistan or scaring people at fruit markets.

Bishop insisted that Abbott was above stunts like these. How dare these women attack her man. I assume if one of the TV staff was able to get their hands on a wide angled lens, the coalition would have trotted out Bronnie and Sophie as well.

And so we end where we begin. After the week of alleged misogyny fallout post the Marr essay, Abbott is back to calling the Prime Minister a slag and a bag. But this time he is letting his own slags and bags do it.  The coalition are clearly stepping up the assault on women by women.



A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Catching up permalink

    We use to see Thatcher with that handbag. Have never seen any in this government do so.

    The Coalition women’s gang on the war path is a sight indeed to see.

    Never seen such a group of such beautiful, clever, kind and caring women in all my days.

  2. Ian permalink

    So you think Christopher Pyne is gay? So what?

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