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A Momentary Lapse of Reason


Something happened at the start of Question Time yesterday. A momentary lapse of reason on the part of Tony Abbott.

After an absence to grieve her father, the Prime Minister took the indulgence of the house to eulogise him. Words to try and describe a man she has loved all her life. In the few hundred words she chose to use, she told us about the man who helped so influence her life.

And then she shared a childhood memory with us all. One about two girls sitting in lounge room doing something they dreaded; listening to the words of Dylan Thomas spoken by Richard Burton in an attempt to impart them a memory of where they came from. As young girls, she said, she and her sister could think of much better things to do. But they did it anyway.



And so it was that it was Dylan’s words that came to sum up the dread the living must face when they farewell their dead. But even in this act of her fathers death, he imparted a lesson. That sometimes, after raging for so long, good people are indeed allowed the chance to go quiet into the night.

It was a deeply moving speech. Enough to get Tony Abbott to respond with words of high praise.

It was a remarkable man, he said, that can produce a remarkable daughter.

Yes people. Tony Abbott admitted that Julia Gillard is a remarkable woman. But he went even further.

He also said that it was a remarkable parent that can produce a Prime Minister of this country.

There. He finally said it. Sort of. In his way. Julia Gillard is a remarkable woman who is also Prime Minister and therefore a remarkable Prime Minister.

But the momentary lapse of reason was soon replaced by business as usual.



A. Ghebranious 2012

One Comment
  1. Catching up permalink

    It was interesting to see how Abbott would react yesterday. Did not claim his equal time for the indulgences.

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