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Graham Richardson QANDA’s himself without realising.


I was quite surprised to read the title of Graham Richardson’s piece today. He asks and answers his own questions.

Real Julia impresses as she comes out fighting

I DON’T know whether not it was the real Julia who held that press conference yesterday but whatever Julia it was I hope she turns up every day from now until the next election.

Why she didn’t do it last weekend I’ll never know but it was just what the doctor ordered.

Graham starts the piece by describing the Julia he has met and the Julia that comes across the TV. He then tries to return to challenges and the error he thought she made on Sunday.

Unfortunately for Graham, his praise of Hedley Thomas’s treatment of his journalism I have already challenged not once, but twice. Today his piece is even more contrite with the word slush appearing as often as he can whip quotes around it. He seems to be wanting to say something but, as the Prime Minister said of the Leader of the Opposition, unable to articulate it.

Graham finishes his piece on a high note for the Prime Minister. Or as high note as she could hope for.

Given that she never operated the fund and left the relationship as soon as she knew something was very wrong in the way the funds were being administered, the serious allegations now fall pretty flat. I have criticised her reluctance to answer questions but I am more than satisfied with her response. I will speak and write no more on this affair.

You asked why she did not answer the question before and to Paul. Well because it would have been questions and answers supplied by one person. So easy to spin that as saying the wrong questions were asked as already is being done. Instead she faced a gallery of journalists. Not just one. And answered all the questions. And exhausted their questions.

And by doing so, she has satisfied you and many others. Not only that, she came out looking much better for it : a Prime Minister, and ordinary person all at once. Her wit cut the tensions that may have been in the room after 40 minutes of questions. You could hear it. And she confronted the ‘young and naive’ comment with a smile and wink in her eye that had me swooning with admiration. The question was rather nastily delivered. Or so I thought watching it. But she handled it with aplomb

JOURNALIST: It might seem a bit odd for you to rely on that defence for people, you know. It wasn’t like you were off the first train from Adelaide for instance.

JULIA GILLARD: Well, I can – how old are you? How old are you?

JOURNALIST: Thirty-two.

JULIA GILLARD: Right. Let me assure you you’ll know a lot more by the time you’re 50 than you do now. (Laughter from members of the press).

The Prime Minister virtually concluded this marathon press conference, walked down a few halls, and entered parliament where it was very foolish coalition MPs that dared to ask her questions. She absolutely demolished the opposition. And not just their leader, but the entire front bench have fallen with him. Abbot’s own arguments began fraying at the ends as his own woven mantra got caught in a chair as he was grilled by Leigh Sales the previous afternoon and it was further eroded by self harm he did to himself on Friday on the TODAY show. A show where he finishes talking sport. Today he appeared inept in even this frivolous activity for the prospective leader of a nation.

How much damage Abbott has done to the self knitted hand made scarf is yet to be determined, but it raises serious questions about any who would consider tapping Abbott on the shoulder. You see, they have firmly hitched their wagons to the Abbott horse. The did not mind when it seemed to run like the wind over any surface. But it appears the horse is tired. And tending to run off the track taking the wagon perilously close to the edge of a canyon with him. Facts have slowed down the momentum the coalition seemed to have had. And the natural state of things that enter stagnation is to succumb to decline.

But as the Prime Minister stood in parliament the day she cleared the air, it was obvious that there was no other person in the parliament that could match her. Sorry Kevin. Sorry Malcolm. She was not only the Prime Minister, but the prime member of parliament. Yes. Not only has she managed to satisfy you Graham, she was able to beat the entire coalition in a single afternoon, and gave the media a good hard long look at her and themselves and mark herself as the undisputed champ.

If the Prime Minister continues to allow herself to do what she did on Thursday, then it will be clear she may indeed win another election. Only months ago, not many gave her a chance. They used to say Kevin was better. They used to say she was finished.

Today, the talking amongst these readers of chicken entrails stopped. And with a little bit of luck and more of what the Prime Minister has been doing, so will the announcements of her untimely demise.

A. Ghebranious 2012

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