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Open Letter to the First Bloke.


Hey Tim.

You are one bloody lucky bloke! What a woman! And she chose you! Of all people! You lucky bastard! Seriously, I am bloody envious.

As to the point of this missive. I want to thank you. It must be bloody tough trying to maintain a regular relationship with all this partner running a government stuff around it. But I for one am glad you are able to share her with us.

Give her a kiss for me.


A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. I agree Ash.

    As a partner to this Prime Minister, (arguably one of the most misquoted and maligned in Australia’s political history), I think it admirable that this guy hasn’t knocked a bit of skin off of some of those cowards behind their editorial desks, or the overpaid ‘jocks’ hiding in radio sound studios … as well as some ‘others’ who also hide, but behind their political office.

    Tim strikes me as having a strong character with a clear conviction of his beliefs <— (ooh, 'conviction', now watch THAT get taken out of context).


  2. Tweed permalink

    Tim’s mates should slap him. He should have more personal pride and self esteem.

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