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I must have been abducted by aliens!


They say that if you get abducted by aliens, you lose time. And this morning Kerry Chikarovski made me realise that I had lost 17 days.

According to Kerry, no one would believe that Tony Abbott would want to price carbon or agree to it. Yet Tony Windsor is saying not only would Abbott agree to pricing carbon, he begged to be allowed to price carbon. If Abbott was not begging, then why did it take 17 days for them to come to a decision? Clearly those days were supposed to be erased from my memory with a flash light pen or something. Yet I have a lingering case they occurred. But Kerry said it didnt. So maybe I just have implanted memories ReKall style?

The bulk of the media are obviously in on this. If you look in the paper, it appears very little happened in parliament yesterday. Tony Wright does an admirable piece despite closing with a comment about how Tony Windsor is an old National man gone feral. Piers Ackerman and Andrew Bolt seem to have missed it and are still writing about last decade. Gabrielle Chan went through the details, but focused on the return of the phrase ‘pig’s arse’. Breakfastnews on ABCNEWS24 showed the video clip followed by Kerry telling me it never happened.

So I suppose I have to wait till the men in black suits come round and point the pen thingy at me and wipe away any memory of the fact that Tony Abbott sold the arse of the national interest and still continues to do so in his bid to become Prime Minister. Lets all reward him the riches he so covets for then.

Of course in case they dont come over, I better learn to make a flashy thing for myself.


A. Ghebranious 2012

One Comment
  1. Catching up permalink

    Would love to know what is on that Blackberry.

    Love to watch the antics of the Opposition, anytime one attempts to hold them to account, or worse still criticise.

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