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Two years ago the Prime Minister of this country made a statement. No, not the one before the election. The one after. 

Let the sun shine in: Gillard

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, says her minority government will be held to higher standards of accountability as a result of the deal struck with the independents.

Ms Gillard thanked all of the independents, including Bob Katter who decided to back the Coalition, for the “tone and tenor” of their negotiations.

She had no inkling of the independents’ decision and only learned that Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott would back her to form government by watching their live press conference.

“So let’s draw back the curtains and let the sun shine in, let our Parliament be more open than it was before,” she said.

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The Prime Minister got a lot of shit for that statement. But in a hung parliament, there are very few curtains. And most are see through. The media have been on the Prime Minister’s arse ever since. Even to the point where not having anything to say, mention how big it is. They examine every piece of legislation looking for the flaws. Any flaws. Every piece of legislation that passes becomes one less thing they can attack her with.

But there was someone else who said something around the same time. He said it behind closed doors of negotiations, but he did say it. And it was reported oh so long ago and seemingly forgotten by the media. In that statement Abbott also talked about arses. His. And what parts of it to sell off to become prime minister.

Today is August the 16, 2012. 11 years and 15 days ago, an incident occurred that has marred the humanity of this country and still does. The Tampa. Today, the leader of the opposition made claims of piracy by asylum seekers aboard a merchant vessel. He dubbed it a reverse Tampa. He vilified the asylum seekers and all aslyum seekers in his rant. And as usual he was wrong. Yes, the asylum seekers did get aggressive when told they were to be taken to Singapore, but they threatened self harm Tony. Not harm to the crew. Not piracy. Not a crime. You should have done your research Abbott. This was not a reverse Tampa. It was its sister ship. The Karmic event is noteworthy as has been many Karmic events. Below is another.

In parliament today, Abbott again rose to suspend standing orders. But this time, the sun shined in. A summary follows thanks to @murpharoo’s blog in The Age


It was a moment indeed. Abbott got his sunshine that he often demands. But it came directly reflected at him out of his own arse.


(Woohoo! I got full video!)

BEAUTIFUL! Love your work Mr Windsor!



A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Catching up permalink

    It was refreshing to hear someone say it as it is.

  2. Bravo. Finally someone stood up and didn’t “beat around the bush”. Finally someone in the media (you, Ash) has pushed the point that was widely reported in the 17 days the Independents worked to form government, that one of their conditions was a carbon tax. Finally someone called Abbott of the absolute bullsh1t he has been speaking and revealed his kameleon nature to suit the top of the day.

    Does any political reporter have a list on their wall of quotes from this guy and call him on every broken promise/quote he has made?

    I wish the media stopped treating reporting as a bit of chat around the water cooler for their next article in OK magazine and started holding some politicians to their quotes and drilling them on it.

    They (the media) have the power and resources and bloody well need to start using it.

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