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WOW f****g WOW!!


Curiosity has landed! Yeah I know what some of you are thinking, we have seen stuff from Mars before.

But I really did not understand what this mission to Mars was all about until I ran into this FANTASTIC video!

I love how it slices with the control room so far away and hoping everything worked out the way they had designed and planned it.

But seriously! Look at what was achieved here! This is the kind of stuff we see in Sci – Fi movies. Only what happened was no Sci-fi. It was plain old science, engineering and the advantage of an opposable thumb! This is seriously amazing engineering. Okay, I sniggered when they said vaginal separation but only because I’m immature.

To think the craft came in at 14,000kms an hour and less then 3 minutes later, it had deployed its payload on the surface like a feather.

Fuck we are clever bastards! Bloody well done Mankind, bloody well done!

Oh! Cant close this without a meme or two

First image from Curiosity’s horizontal camera

And of course the eternal question, will Curiosity kill the cat?

A. Ghebranious 2012

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