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How a planet is formed.


The Earth is 4.5 billion years old. That sounds pretty old, but the universe itself is 14.5 billion years old. So for ten billion years, all the earth was was a collection of gas and dust.

But as the mass of gases collided into each other, they were pulled into the growing mass superheated particles that had somehow itself managed to find its self dragged into the orbit of our Sun. As more and more dust and particles pounded into each other, the mass of the Earth itself grew and this of course would drag in more gas and particles.

At the start of the Earth’s life and for many billions of years after, the central core of the Earth has remained incredibly hot. As the Earth first started to take form, layers of dust and particles was built up around that central core. And the further away from the central core, the outer layer of the earth began to harden.

The volcanic activity and even the seismic activity on the Earth in those first few billion years was very extensive. And as time has moved on, only now a central core remains liquid. The dirt and the particles and the dust had clumped together to form solids and rocks.

Now this is pretty much stuff you already may have know. And if not, shame on you.

So over time, the planet stopped suffering huge earthquakes constantly. As the earth’s crust became more solid as it cooled, the heat of the core began to be put under pressure and the heat and the force of the lava flows pushed up and broke the crust forming volcanoes that would release the bottled up internal heat.

And with the expulsion of this heat came gases such as sulphur and of course carbon dioxide.

So when I hear the argument that the Earth had higher level of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere as it first formed, then that is not really surprising.

Over time, volcanic activity on the planet began to be reduced. It has never stopped, but you can be pretty sure there has been a lot less of it. Mind you a lot of the volcanoes that are active are under the seas.

Now while the core of the earth remains incredibly hot, heat has a natural state. Over time, anything that is hot will get colder. Including the core of this planet and the Sun.

It should not therefore be a surprise that during the Earth’s formation, the more volcanoes it had that where active, the more CO2 in the atmosphere.

Further it should not surprise many that as the Earth became more stable and had less volcanic activity, then the release of CO2 drops off.

So if the planet’s core has cooled significantly since it was first formed and was a mass of heat, then it is clear that volcanic activity has declined and with it a large source of the CO2 released.

So what does it mean when for the first time in a very very long time, the CO2 concentration is on the rise again? Is it due to extra volcanic activity? Nope. And we now know that space itself is expanding. That is the universe is getting bigger and solar systems are moving away. So the idea that it is cosmic waves also means that since space is expanding, the rate of these cosmic waves would get less over time as we move further away from each other.

So the obvious conclusion to me is man has burned enough fossil fuels to actually start to replicate the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere from when the planet was a sea of volcanoes. Only now the volcanoes are man made factories spewing its waste output into the air.

The first step in solving a problem is first admitting there is one. And there is one. Man is polluting his own nest.

If a factory dumped its liquid waste directly into the water ways, there would be up roar. Governments would fine the company and maybe even take away its ability to remain open.

But oddly, no one seems concerned with the waste from a factory that is air borne.

The earth is a closed system. Otherwise the air we depend on for life would just escape orbit. The idea that factories and fossil fuel burning has no effect on the planet is not true. Further, we are burning so much fossil fuels, that the concentration of CO2 is rising.

That is we are making more CO2 as a planet then it can handle in its CO2 life cycle. So that means slowly but surely, if you fill a glass of water with more water then it can hold, then you will get a mess. And that is what is happening. We are making enough CO2 to emulate the volcanic activity formed when this planet was a mass of liquid heat. Think about that. We are doing to the planet what thousands of volcanoes once did.

So time to actually own the problem. It is us. Not the sun. Not pig farts. Not cosmic waves. Not God.  Us. Own the cause and we can start to own a solution.

Own it people.



A. Ghebranious 2012

One Comment
  1. jane permalink

    Great work, Ash.

    I wonder what the wing nutters will come up with to try to counter this? Anything but own it and do something about it, I suppose.

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