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Carbon Price : A interesting series of responses


The coalition say the carbon price will make the price of things more expensive then on the planet Algon (see above video). I wanted to check. So….

I asked on the twitter #ausbiz forum for some information from small biz. I asked, as a percentage of your total costs, what percentage is due to electricity costs. I got some interesting replies!

Firstly from a financial controller

@jennatilz 1.2% of total costs – Energy intensive manufacturer 0.1% of total – construction coy (i’m fin controller, not owner) #AUSBIZ

Yep. Energy intensive manufacturer – 1.2%. So a ten percent rise in electricity will increase their costs by .12%

Then I got a load of great responses from @nathanscholz whom I am grateful for. Nathan runs a coffee shop. His tweets speak for themselves.

my coffee shop, off top of my head, elec is up to 2%.

it’s about 6k a year, 10% up is $12 a week, avg coffee shop does 100cups/day, or 2.5c/cup.

total cost of elec will be say 26c instead of 23c a cup (on avg shop) – cups cost 22c, coffee 50c, wages $1.5 #we’llsurvive.

they’re all rough, we do a lot more cups so increase is less. A company tax cut would’ve been nice

So there it is folks. The cobra. 2.5 cents a $3 cup of coffee. Or, as Greg Combet keeps saying, less then 1 cent in the $1.

Snake oil anyone?

A. Ghebranious (2012)

  1. Bill permalink

    “avg coffee shop does 100cups/day”. I would have thought it would be a lot more than that. If anything, I would have thought up to 100 cups/hour.

    • Not a coffee shop owner. Info from them. I assume he is basing it on certain peak times and there are so many cups a baristta can make per hour

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