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‘I am not a tech head’



When Tony Abbott came on telly on 730 Report and tried to explain his version of broadband, for me it was all over red rover.Tony was no Bill Gates he told us. Which is true as Bill Gates is a humanitarian.

According to the coalition the NBN was a cross between a white elephant and technical stuff that only a tech head would know and therefore is not really important to the average person in the general public.

When Abbott said that the coalition broadband policy would do exactly the same kind of technical work as the NBN only at ‘a lot cheaper’, I hit the floor laughing at him and have been rolling in glee since.

Lets apply Tony Abbott logic to life. Your favourite footy team is in the pits. So what do you do if you are Tony Abbott? Remove all the good players (the ones being paid loads of money) and replacing them with much cheaper athletes! No one would notice your team is now slower, more susceptible to down time, has less skills and so on because everyone will be so focused on the money you saved the team.

IBM had a review of a NBN world in 2050. Revenue of up to One TRILLION (yes trillion with a t) dollars will be shaking hands on the NBN.

Aussie broadband to make a trillion in 2050

By 2050, ubiquitous high-speed broadband will generate around $1 trillion in revenue and reverse Australia’s productivity decline, according to a new report commissioned by IBM Australia. Speakers at the launch of A Snapshot of Australia’s Digital Future to 2050, in Sydney yesterday, blamed any reluctance to embrace high-speed broadband, as embodied in the National Broadband Network (NBN), on fear, a lack of perspective and a lack of leadership.

“We were, quite frankly, a little frustrated by [the NBN debate] and by the lack of vision,” said Andrew Stevens, IBM’s managing director in Australia and New Zealand.

“Being amongst those people who were over the horizon, in terms of confidence in the economic impact of this, we thought we should actually do some quantitative and qualitative research to prove our confidence — or, to disprove it.”

Here is a link to the actual report

So not only is Tony not very smart when it comes to technical stuff, but he lacks vision, and we also already know that he can not count. A coalition 11 billion ‘difference of opinion’ between the coalition and the treasury is now costing them somewhere between 50-80 billion.

The coalition insist that it is purely a difference of opinion between them and treasury. For example, the coalition 2010 “budget but not really budgeted” figures were based on the dollar dropping to 80 cents sometime in 2011. Just a teeny weeny difference of opinion with reality there.

Of course the coalition direct action policy is another of those ‘NBN lite’ like policies. I especially love how the coalition policy ‘fines’ companies that ‘exceed normal emissions’ by a certain amount per tonne of emissions. Apparently it only sounds like a tax when the coalition talk about it. The other thing the coalition like to mention is their tree planting policy. Again, if people only bothered to actually use calculators.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for reforestation. But the coalition plan of planting trees in Australia looks great on paper. The one teeny weeny problem the coalition have is if their tree planting is to have an effect, it would require Australia to have five times its current landmass. And none of that landmass in desert regions. Basically you cant plant trees without land and water. Obviously this is only a little thing to Tony. The fact that Australia is too small for the number of trees that would be needed is only a ‘tech head’ issue.

I could go on and on comparing the governments policy to the coalition’s policy lite options. But I will finish on this.

The coalition claim that the carbon price will destroy the economy. That it would have a cascade of costs that the general public will be drowning under as will business.

Oh you fucking liars.

You see, electricity prices for the last 10 years have been going up and up. And not by 10% a year. Oh no. By 20, 30 and in some cases 55%. This is not a new phenomena. Turns out that there is TWO costs. One is the cost of the actual electricity and the other is the cost of getting the electricity to the consumer.

In the last three years, electricity prices have risen by over 50%. Yet the cost of a loaf of bread is about the same. Milk is cheaper. Groceries on shelves have not gone up to reflect the extra electricity cost to produce the product or the extra electricity costs for the store to stock it. CPI and inflation is low. Growth is at 4.3%. And the dollar rose and gave Joe Hockey 70 billion nightmares.

So here is the thing people. For the last few years electricity has been coming at a extra cost to the consumer on their bills. And with no compensation at all. BUT!!! Where is this flow on effect that Abbott claims will occur? Just you wait he says? Wait for wait you moronic idiot! For the 2004 prices to ‘cascade’ down on me?

You may not be a tech head Tony, but it is clear you ARE a dick head.


A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Tweed permalink

    Ash. The governments has decided it is in the business of rolling out a broadband network across Australia. Do you really think this government will be blindingly successful in this mammoth task?Nowhere in the world are governments stupid enough to think they can run a piece of fibre to every front door of every house and every apartment block and every business in Australia. Labor and the giggle palace Conroy have wedged themselves out of using all available broadband technologies. Fibre is great and has been for 30 years. The Foxtel and Optus fibre was rolled out in Keating’s reign. Ash. The waste is when fibre to the node and hi speed wireless from the node to the home has been ignored by Conroy. Why. Because it is Coalition policy. Blind Freddie would tell you successful broadband networks use all the available technologies, Fibre, Wireless, Microwave, Satellite, ADSL, CAT 6 ….all proven and available technologies ignored by labor as they dig up every front garden in Australia.
    Good call to think labor is smarter than the broadband industry.
    NBN is just another no win policy for labor as we line up for the next election. Not quite as dumb as The Carbon Tax and Border Protection but running a close third.

    • Yes well I tend to disagree Tweed. Coalition broadband policy offers up to 12Mbps at peak. And as the video above shows, peak is the time between midnight and 5 am. So the coalition is claiming to be able to equal the speed of fibre optic, but only when everyone is asleep

      Now while that may be great for shift workers, it is no where near a system capable of what fibre optic can do. Not only at night time but during daylight too..

      As I point out, electricity prices have already been rising. For years now. We whine and moan and groan. Run a few paper stories. Tell each other we will have to reduce the times we go out to dinner.

      But life continued. No flow on effect from business who use a lot of electricity as the coalition claim will happen with carbon pricing and where there was a rise, it did not equate to the rise in electricity.

      I guess that means when talking about the cost of manufacturers to produce a product, there are other costs other then electricity. Who knew that the cost of a donut is more related to the cost of the ingredients and the cost of labour?

      And yes there will be and have been businesses under stress already or are coal intensive, but you dont construct a house more then once or twice in your lifetime. You may have 5-8 cars. Again in a lifetime. So the cost of a 200k house build will now cost you 3k more. Big whoop. That was happening anyway in those industries being hit with the electricity charges remember?

      As for border protection…. well the coalition do like to pose with their erect penis in hand do they not?


  2. Tweed permalink

    Ash. One should not write blogs after getting on the piss. Re read your comments in the morning and put a post it on your forehead not to blog after 4.00pm.
    FYI I have installed a broadband (wireless) network that runs at 366 Mbps for my organisation. It is not difficult or expensive. The technology is not ground breaking or new I could ramp it up to 1,000 Mbps but this speed will not be needed for maybe 10 years. I also run sections of the network at 10 Gbps over fibre because it is high usage and backs up all data and is a fail over service. Have I run fibre to my home? Noooo. I have a very fast wireless link.
    Ash. I suggest you think wireless is limited to what runs your crappy mobile.
    FFS do some unbiased research. NBN is an expensive joke, done with borrowed money and attempted by a proven stupid stupid, stupid government. My advice to Conroy? Mate, leave it to the professionals.
    Re the Border protection. Surely you cannot support the failed attempt by this stupid government. Ruddock and Howard worked hard and took a lot of flack to get the Pacific Solution sorted. Rudd and Gillard dismantled it and now we have an endless cockup that kills people.

    • Click on the little video at the top. You will hear Abbott talking about peak speed and how the coalition will get 12mpbs. Then listen to KOB explain to Abbott that peak speed was the speed you had when no one else was on.

      Coalition have no idea at all buddy. Never have. Never will.

    • Nice post Ash. I see by the petty swear word filled tear fest that Tweed’s having a cry again. You really know how to pull her chain.

      Perhaps she’s feeling guilty about short-changing her organisation with 366 Mbps wireless, ‘… it could be ramped up to 1,000 Mbps but the speed will not be …’ (yawn), what typical puffery from this person.

      … and such a cogent argument about the Pacific solution. It’s apparently the Labor Government that takes the fare for the journey and puts the people on boats. Perhaps if this genius’s comments were shown to these asylum seekers THAT would be enough to stop them, knowing what a bunch of arrogant narcissists await them in people like Tweed. No wonder the Liberal’s have got Tony Abbott at the helm with this pompous knob-end and his ilk voting him up.

  3. jane permalink

    Good post, ash. I see Tweed likes to share the wealth of Liealot inspired lies, spin and stupidity wherever possible.

    Too bad, Tweed. We’re going to have world class internet whether you or the Liars like it or not.

    Of course, the most hilarious thing is the number of Liars Party wankers whining that their electorates will have to wait for the evil NBN. Would this be constituent-driven, I wonder?

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