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Dead Friend


Question time hit a distinctive down turn today. And it would have descended further if not for Madame Deputy Speaker, Anna Burke.

As you can see from the live minutes, at 2.34:57, Mr Neumann got up to ask a question to his own party. In the midst of the question, the coalition continued with their usual gibes. One such gibe brought Mr Albanese to his feet demanding it be withdrawn.

One of those on the coalition front benches had made a remark about Greg Wilton. One of them had said something about this not being about your ‘dead friend’.

Anna Burke fought emotion as she rebuked the house in regards to the use of their language. She also told the house that she had just spent the weekend with the family of Greg and she would prefer and they prefer that the parliament not resort to such tactics.

It amazes me how some political commentators say that the coalition want to return integrity into politics and calmly sit by as the coalition use such grubby tactics.


A. Ghebranious  2012

  1. Catching up permalink

    For a PM under fire and at the end of her tether, watching QT is confusing.

  2. debbiep permalink

    If words was to paint a thousand pictures. Then this picture was painted for that; The words could never show , a picture of Abbott we’ve come to know…..

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