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A jury of his peers


Tony Abbott and the coalition want Craig Thomson to be judged by a jury of his peers.

One is Tony himself. A man who was found ‘not guilty within reasonable doubt’ to have allegedly stuck his hand between the legs of a woman while she was speaking to an audience. Allegedly, Abbott then ran his hand against her genitalia as the victim stood in front of people making a speech. Her claim was supported by those who witnessed the incident. Unfortunately the judge found that Abbott’s team of lawyers (5) managed to lay reasonable doubt as an issue. However while the judge said reasonable doubt has been established by his lawyers, he still felt that a man would not have done the things Tony Abbott was alleged to have done and he believed to have happened.

Sophie Mirabella is accused of manipulating an old man out of his will by his family. The family allege that her federal political career would not have occurred had it not been for the generous donations of the man she took as her lover. Her sugar daddy. So it became obvious to Sophie that having a relationship with a much older man was not a vote winner. The party sought and found her a husband and she spat out some kids. But sometime during the birth of the second or third one, Sophie’s ex-lover, now suffering dementia, was moved into a place right next door to Sophie where she claims she looked after him. So well did she do this that he cut out his own family from the will.

Craig Kelly (apologies for error Dana Vale) has been an MP for a very very long time. So when it was recently disclosed that while she was an MP she acted as a solicitor and was paid for it is a little shocking. Further, Craig had trouble updating the parliamentary register. The thing the coalition are saying Thomson needs spanking for.

Abbott also forgot to update that register. For two years. When asked why Abbott not declaring his $750k loan is the same as Thomson not declaring his legal fee payments. Pyne said it was VASTLY different. This was not money given to Abbott to stop him from bankruptcy he declared. He also said how was Mr Abbott going to remember ever little gift he gets from a Samoan president. I would remember $750k if it was a gift. 

And lets keep looking at Christopher Pyne and his drinks with his lovely new mincing poodle like friend. The ones where he forgets he even meet and then admits they had several drinks and probably also swapped recipes.

There are more MPs of course. And there are some who are unmarked in ANY way.

What I find interesting is the call to judge Thomson is coming from those who are not innocent. And they will argue that this is not about what they did, its about what Thomson did. After this Thomson planed censure, the parliament will be excellent position to be able to make all sitting MP’s to be accountable for their past. We will once again be able to relive those moments in history. A moment where Abbott, for a laugh, allegedly pushes an index finger against the genitalia of a woman that had not given him permission to do so.

A moment where for a laugh, Andrew Wilkie allegedly stood to one side while ADFA recruits were bastardised.

A moment where, for a laugh, Sophie would allegedly perform oral sex for election donations.

Ask yourself Tony. You really want the political points here buddy? Of course Abbott was entitled to his day in court. The coalition are keen to pass judgement on Thomson BEFORE a court does. Just in case he, like they, escapes with a technicality.

The hilarious part of all this is the coalition claim that it was Thomson and Thomson alone who has bought the parliament into disrepute. Let me conduct a sexual assault on a female and blame someone else. Let me start a fund where an ex lover can supply cash to Sophie without declaring it on the electoral roll. Let me give you solicitor advice while being a MP. Let me continue to do this even though I run two businesses into criminally negligent bankruptcy. And then ignore the fact that I failed to inform the house of my actions till only last month or so,

And this is not even including the stuff that happens and is never reported officially. So many of those on all sides all round.

Judge not. Lest ye be judged. But if you are going to let judging occur Tony, you really should use a The Voice type method where people can phone up and download iTune speeches and even vote on FACEBOOK.

So much disrepute. So little time.


A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Tweed permalink

    Ash. This morning I was contemplating life. I have come to the conclusion we need to get much bigger newspapers so there is enough newsprint to adequately report on this governments serial cockups. I was looking at the latest well dress tourists arriving on Christmas Island. Never a more well fed, well dressed, happy family than those stepping onto Christmas Island. And why wouldn’t they be. Stepping straight into the Centrelink fast lane. Gravey Train with biscuit wheels.
    Gough at least had charisma. This government has nothing.

  2. Tweed permalink

    ….and can you tell me why the story involving Gillard, her lover at the time, stolen union funds, shadowy companies set up by a union lawyer, renovated houses with stolen union cash …..doesn’t get printed in mainstream press?

  3. Narns permalink

    Ash, the “solicitor” referred to in para 4 is Craig Kelly. Danna Vale was the previous MP for Hughes

  4. Catching up permalink

    Thomson has bought the house in dispute for exercising his legal and human rights. That one take4s some explaining away.

    It is simple to work out why the PM has brought the house into dispute for supporting the rights of a MP.

    Her crime is that she has not stood down and handed the reins over to Abbott.

    It is Mr. Abbott’s obsessive quest for power and the belief he was robbed that is bringing this government into dispute.

    It is the Opposition and their supporters inability to accepted that this is an duly elected government, assembled according to the Constitution.

    Mr. Abbott cannot accept that when one votes, it is not for a party, but for a local member.

    These members sit and the government is formed by the number of votes on the house floor.

    No parties. No PM according to the Constitution.

    Those who have the numbers, select a leader, who becomes the PM.

    I believe that all these MPs take an oath to uphold the laws of the land.

    I assume that means all laws, not only those one agrees with.

  5. Catching up permalink

    Tweed, because it is history. Because it has been done to death. Because it has been found to have no basis.

    The only one I see obsessed by this story is Bolt. That is where I assume you are coming from.

    His story I believe, depended on a sacked copper.

    • Tweed permalink

      CU. It will be brought to the fore at the right time. It is indicative of those people and they way they abuse their positions. The problem Abbott has is there is not enough space on the political smorgasbord to display all of Gillard’s cockups. None of them are going away. We are into the home straight to the election. One year maximum to go (give or take a month or two.)
      Gillard’s wriggle room is running out.

  6. Innocent until proven guilty right? If Thompson is found innocent then we expect the media and the opposition to lay off. So then why Ash, are you questioning the innocence of Tony Abbott, Sophie Mirabella and others regarding allegations they have been found innocent of?

    • Because these people, these people that had been allowed to be tested by the law and not found guilty(Mirabella and Kelly case still open) are going to be deciding on Thomson BEFORE a court can. Surely the same principles apply to them. Apparently Thomson’s voted is tainted even BEFORE a court. Apparently he is guilty BEFORE a court even decides. Coalition are corrupting the process of natural justice.

      As for Abbott. Judge acquitted him. Sure. But he also said he did so only re reasonable doubt. Ask yourself. Do you think Abbott is the kind of man that would stand behind a woman, then stick his hand between her thighs and finger her genitalia in front of an audience? To me, that is EXACTLY the type of man Abbott is. He may have not been found guilty of it. But he did it. You can see that clearly every time he opens his mouth.

    • Robina permalink

      Luke, very important to get the spelling right .It’s Craig Robert THOMSON.The name on the HSU Card is plain Craig THOMPSON. The now MP is not the THOMPSON on the CC displayed .

  7. Look, I’m not trying to justify anything Abbott or mirabella or even Thomson (no P) did. All I’m saying is that they all deserve to be treated the same. That’s what justice is. If we don’t want Thomson unfairly judged before the courts hear his case then it is equally wrong for us to make accusations towards Sophie. And if thomson gets found innocent ‘writhing reasonable doubt’ then he should not be further condemned – and neither should Abbott. If we start treating people differently in front of the law because of personality then we are sliding down a slippery slope.

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