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How to make something look like something it is not (part 2)



Kelly O’Dwyer and Senator Abetz started their spin cycle early. Kelly tweeted this with the caption “A picture paints a thousand words”.

@KellyODwyer: A picture says a thousand words (pic below)


Terrible isnt it? On the surface it looks like another small business struggling in the patchwork economy. Another black mark for the government?

Kelly went on to tweet more “detail” to this picture.

@KellyODwyer: Business downsizes from 2 shops to 1. reduces staff from 3 to 0. Owner unhappy with Gillard Gov policy IR, Super and Carbon Tax

Well thankfully a little check of a website by one @greenj revealed a little different picture. And it seems Kelly has been a little negligent with the truth.


Please click on any of the photos below to see all of the stock in Shop2
Recently my original showroom, three doors down (1425 Malvern Road), became available again and as I hold the lease I’ve stocked it until relet.
Over the last four years I’ve been wanting to open another shop but not in Malvern as the mix of industrial, retro, glass and unusual items doesn’t quite fit this area.
I have called it Shop2 and will until further notice.

Shop2 is closing down as most stock is sold and now subletting, so having a clearance sale!

Over the last four years I’ve been wanting to open another shop but not in Malvern as the mix of industrial, retro, glass and unusual items doesn’t quite fit this area“. That’s what he said. Nothing about the carbon tax, IR policy, or Super. More about location, location, location!

Yeah that’s right! The shop is not ‘closing’ down, but having a clearance sale because business has been so good, they have run out of stock!

Thank you Julia!

And yes Kelly. A picture really does say a thousand words. A thousands words for fake come to mind.


Big Jacques Nasser hit the media circuits. He predicted doom and gloom and refused to commit to the previously committed 80 billion dollars of BHP investment (read threat).

He sited that BHP had across its mines 3200 disputes in a year. This actually tells more about BHP then the workers. It looks like production is at a stand still. 100 interruptions a day! Yet production is not down. Its up. And that includes a 5 month period of interrupted delivery due to rail and port closures post the disasters in their Queensland mines.

But hey! He is Mr Nasser and he knows what BHP are doing right? It made all the news. Andrew Bolt got profoundly offended when Greg Combet scoffed at Nasser’s comments!

What was not so much in the news is this piece from Lateline Business.

Boart Longyear’s Kipp refutes miners’ pessimism

The world’s biggest drilling services and products company for the mining sector, Boart Longyear, has defied gloom over tax-based uncertainty by confirming guidance of a 14 per cent growth to record revenues.

How odd? The company that provides drilling equipment to BHP mines worldwide and in Australia as well as Rio Tinto and other players is saying BHP has not cancelled any equipment orders or put any on stop. In fact, they are getting increased orders. Ticky Fullerton asks a interesting question.

TICKY FULLERTON: It’s hard to reconcile the two because both Rio Tinto and BHP in the last month have deliberately fed the print media with big go slow, reductions of capex, and I’m just wondering: I mean, are these crocodile tears, do you think? Is this a political thing?

What do you think? Is this a political thing? Something upside down and inside out is going on, that’s for sure.



A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Good stuff mate, did youb really expect anything other than crap from those 2 though?? 🙂

  2. Matt Ross permalink

    you boys are always at it 2 good good work

  3. Charlie Bris permalink

    They have modified that page. Previously it said something like “I have sold out all the stock in the first store so have put extra in there and am having a ‘thanks julia’ sale” I’ve checked way back machine and google cache but it doesn’t have any copies, hopefully someone else took a screen shot.

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