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How can this happen and we not be told?? (part 1)



The media of Australia should hang their heads in shame!

How can this happen and we not be told?? How could CPI get to ridiculously low levels and we not be told it is happening?? How could inflation be so low and we not see it in any forecasts? How the hell can unemployment drop to 4.9% and no one know about it?

All the stories the media have run seem to tell a completely different story from the statistics.

How can this happen and we not be told?? Worse yet. How can this happen and we be told the opposite is happening?


A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Sadly, good news is not news. BTW great video, TA

  2. Hey Ash, great post as usual. Bloody powerful and awful video. I know of too many real cases, from my own teen years, and from my children’s. It just doesn’t stop.

    Re: ‘how come we aren’t told of … ‘. There is a concerted effort in play here by the media and the ‘interested political party’ to derail the government come hell or high water. All news is skewed towards discrediting the government.

    Abbott, who, (as you aptly pointed out the other day) is guilty of sedition (on a grand scale imo), and the media goons, they are just guilty of being pathetic, and chasing cheap drama. It’s easier than digging deep and finding some real stories.

    Take care mate,

  3. Geoff permalink

    I agree. Lets have an election and allow the voters to fix all the problems as they see fit.

    • ICThroughTheBS permalink

      I agree with you Geoff. The devil is in the detail. ‘let’s have an election and allow the voters to fix all the problems as they SEE fit’.

      What do they see?

      Way too many voters swayed by superficial and popularist chanting Geoff.

  4. Tweed permalink

    I agree Ash. We should be very careful about who we allow to vote. There must be something somewhere in the constitution that ensures only voters who are not “swayed by superficial and populist chanting”. Lets get a cross tattooed on their foreheads so we can politely tell them they are excluded from the election.

    • YourTearsSoSweet permalink

      Tweed i’m honoured, you quoted me quite accurately. But don’t ‘agree’ with Ash … (when clearly you don’t), the comments are mine not his. Ash.G could deal with you more eloquently and concisely than I sir.

      Now let me quote you, “Lets get a cross tattooed on their foreheads so we can politely tell them they are excluded from the election” … (equally accurate thanks to cut and paste).

      In no way though did I suggest tattoos, violence, or other disfiguring.

      That banal comment is such the typical response I would expect from a non thinker (superficial even), such as you. If your own suggestion were taken up, YOU would be the recipient of your very own forehead art.

      I wonder what it would be, perhaps a posterior, suggesting the obvious, that you live with your head in the sand. Perhaps it would be a comfortable place for you, like swaddling, tucked away from the nasty realities of life in Australia, like those boat people, the nasty ‘greenies’, oh and ‘those union thugs’.

      Ten points for learning how to use a computer with your head in the sand, very impressive.

      Any further analysis of you is a waste of both our energies.

  5. Tweed permalink

    Very deep response “Tears”.
    So let me get this straight re .“swayed by superficial and populist chanting”.
    …..we are going to let them vote?

  6. Tweed permalink

    Could not resist.

  7. debbiep permalink

    I really cant understand WHAT people are voting for when they vote for the Coalition , more so with Abbott as leader..

    The media FAIL to report whats really effects us -‘ Dumb ’em down I say and add a little fear in the mix’, is working…soon we will be all so scared that we will work for bread and water , in the mines.

  8. Tweed permalink

    I think that the electorate just does not like and worries about the way Labor has always managed money. They are serial offenders for throwing money around without a plan. Take this cash being put into bank accounts over the next few weeks. The plan was to have a drop in company tax. There was a lot of talk about the Gonski report two months ago and that it needs $5 Billion. Now that has dropped by the wayside. The deferring of the new Joint Strike Fighter plane has been deferred and the expenditure deferred but Swan has spent the deferred money on a cash splash. The Carbon Tax is just dumb policy and in the same breath the government is supporting a new export industry of brown coal from Yallourn Morwell. There are plenty of social issues that should be addressed but the funding has to have a sustainable source and fit into a budget. The NDIS is another Gillard classic. Throw a billion at it without a plan or a sustainable funding model. The MRRT is about as dumb as the Carbon Tax. It should be like taking candy from a baby putting in a tax that scoops some of the mining cream while the mining industry is pumping. They can’t even get that right. They talk with the BHP/RIO and the result is it won’t raise funds for years to come by which time the boom will have gone back to normal levels.
    I suppose the electorate just sees bad housekeeping and have no faith in Gillard and co getting anything right. The Class War rhetoric is just plain silly. Pretty much the whole country is aspirational to some degree. In a lifetime they want to get a house, a family and retire with some cash. Gillard dicking with superannuation just sends the wrong signal. I mean how hard is it to let people save pre tax cash into an account that is then used when they retire. It is not rocket science.
    I have decided after July 1st this year to take the cash instead of super, pay the tax on it and get it out of government hands. I just don’t trust the government to have a role in how I spend my money.
    …and finally, unfortunately for Labor, Gillard always drones on like a fog horn and I like a lot of the electorate change channels.

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