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God I love this hung parliament! I really do. And as I said on the night of the election, you get the government you deserve and THIS is the government we deserve. But not because its a bad or good government. Rather its the only one that can govern a rabble like us. (Wohoo! Monty Python reference!)

The coalition and some media commentators say that the Prime Minister’s position is untenable. Oh really? How exactly? Tony Abbott says he has no confidence in the Prime Minister but he also has no plans to put a no confidence motion on the table. Where I was taught logic, that means Abbott has no confidence in his own no confidence motion.

Lets all step back here and look at the bigger picture. Something I learned from my dabbling in art. The “stink” around Craig Thomson is all untested allegations. That’s it. Even the evidence the media say they uncovered is untested. However, here we are asking the PM to make a judgement on someone before a court does.

The PM said a line had been crossed and I think I know what that was. Up till now the PM had taken Thomson at his word. That he was innocent. Then last week, his lawyers moved to suppress the report. The line.

As with Peter Slipper, the constitution is quite clear on what matters will disqualify a sitting member. And again there was the presumption of innocence. But by the time the PM had flown back into the country, Slipper had become painted as extra crispy corrupt. Again all by yet to be tested allegations.

Tony Abbott has been calling Thomson’s vote “tainted” for months now. However, the constitution is quite clear. Thomson not only faces yet to be tested allegations, there is no charge or court proceedings in process. So on what legal grounds can Abbott do this? Its stupendously stupid. And Christine Milne gave Abbott a nice slap down on that.

Lets run a hypothetical. Lets say the law runs under the rules of “Abbott World”, and any MP facing any allegations, must immediately excuse themselves. This should seriously worry Tony if this happened as he himself is facing defamation charges and Sophie Mirabella is facing a contested will action. I do not see Tony stepping down do you?

Christine Milne summed up this whole thing brilliantly and she took the opportunity of Clive Palmer throwing his hairpiece into the political ring to do it.

Pre selection. That is where the focus should be. That is where parties of all persuasion should elect their candidates. And she is right. If the ALP had done the pre-selection process accurately, then no Thomson saga. And if the coalition had done their pre-selection process accurately, then no Slipper saga.

But who is wearing the entire burden of the preselection of members here? The Prime Minister.

But it gets better Australia. It gets much better.

The James Ashby allegations also claim that members of the Howard government for a long time have been assisting Mr Slipper of under taking activities of a sexual nature amongst other allegations of entitlements abuse. These allegations, unlike the ones made on Thomson, are in a court. Tony Abbott amongst many other of his party are ex Howard government members.

That makes all the ex-Howard minister votes, if we are truly in “Abbott World”, tainted until all the civil charges are heard. Its brilliant! Its like some kind of karmic-ally balanced hung parliament.

Further the charge is one that does not allow for presumption of innocence.

God I love Australian Politics, but what a tainted love.



A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. That’s cheered me up a bit Ash. Before going to bed last night I made the mistake of looking at the ABC website and seeing the news that Gillard was dropping her support for Emerson and Slipper. My mind then jumped to the assumption that this would be the end of the slim majority, and an election and, horror of horrors, an Abbott led government. Let’s hope that scary day is still at least a year away, and that in the meantime Australians eventually see what a slimy creep he is – but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. rupy permalink

    +1 for Mike Hopkins’ post

  3. Matthew Ross permalink

    Nail on head, your writing has also improved, full marks.

  4. Mike Hopkins: I hope you first par was a typo as I cannot imagine even the ABC making an elementary error like confusing Craig Thomson with Emerson.

  5. Well written. Preselection is the key. The PM wears the blame on the Slipper scandal because she welcomed him into the speakers chair with open arms. I am not saying the public/media uproar is warranted, but I can see why the blame has all fallen on Gillard. And @mikehopkins, I think everyone had that split-second moment when we thought Thompson to the cross bench would mean no ALP majority. Of course then it became apparent that he is as much an ALP vote as he ever was. His banishment is a symbolic act solely to appease the media – was it worth it? Probably.

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