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What goes up, must come down.


Global warming is happening. At least according to the majority of scientists.

The real argument is not that global warming is happening. The debate is over what is causing it and what effect it will have.

There are those that also dispute the IPCC modelling claiming, and quite soundly, that the data we have is not statistically accurate enough to make long-term projections. This does not mean the modelling is wrong. And of those they are divided into the groups I outlined above.

Some are arguing this is all natural. That its nothing to worry about.

Others are arguing over what is causing it.

And there are some that are saying no matter whats causing it, it wont create significant change.

Note. No one is arguing it is not happening.

So what happens when a greenhouse gas is introduced into the atmosphere? Well, as I have said before, the properties of the compounds and the atoms that compose them are very well known. They tend to trap reflected heat and warm the atmosphere. What does this do? Well extra warmth creates a roll on effect.

The heat may melt ice reserves of permafrost releasing some seriously dangerous methane into the atmosphere. And in fact that is what has happened.

This only increases the content of green house gases in the atmosphere and once again increasing heat. Heat makes the oceans expand. When the expand the bonds holding the water molecule weaken. Again. Something we know from the periodic table. CO2 that had been trapped in the sea sinks have stronger bonds. So as water moves from liquid to gas, CO2 makes its great escape. Not only that, there is methane trapped under the ocean beds. As the composition of the sea becomes more acidic, it erodes at the soil keeping it there.

So why are we getting all this water? Well it’s because the water that evaporates enters the atmosphere as gas, adds to the greenhouse content. You then have all this water vapour up there that now needs to come down. As the vapour rises, the atmospheric pressure increases causing the vapour to cluster into water yet again.


CO2 as it happens also has a cycle. Funny that.

Look at all those arrows and numbers and things! Confusing huh? Well no. Not really. Just more of that what goes up must come down thing.

So what happens when the rain all comes down? The temperature will start to go up. Why? Because of the increase in methane content mostly. Assisted by the rise in CO2. Which is assisted by water vapour.

No one denies this is happening. They are arguing over its effect. No one is saying it is not getting warmer. But all agree that what goes up, is eventually going to come down. Lets hope the sky doesn’t fall as it does. If it does, gravity will have it free falling in no time.


ADDENDUM: Oh I forgot to add the idiocy of some in the debate arguing that the recent 10 or so years prove that it is not warming. These are the same fools who insist that the IPCC have it wrong cause they only have data to the medieval period. I’m talking about YOU Andrew Bolt.

ADDENDUM 2(Yes. I forgot to put bits in twice): In my little rant above about roll on effects, I glanced over methane. I should not have. Methane is VERY dangerous. More so then water vapour and CO2 combined. Now some opponents have pointed out that the increase in CO2 rose, but the temperatures almost stood still for 12 years. This coming graph should intrigue. It is the concentration levels of methane. You will see that for the period the global temperatures remained steady, so did methane. Now look at what the methane levels are doing.


A. Ghebranious 2012

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