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Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott.


There has been a lot of talk in the media about Tony Abbott being talked about. Andrew Bolt loves to run the line that all the government really want to talk about is Tony Abbott. He then cleverly cuts a 15 minute interview into 5 seconds of video and calls it proof. Who knew? Apparently talking about Tony Abbott is negative.

More serious journos have also said that the government is talking too much about Tony Abbott and not on policy. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Let’s really see what is going on here:

When asked by the media what a minister thought of what Tony Abbott has said at a door stop, is it too hard for that minister to mention that Tony Abbott seems to say a lot of things?

And how Tony Abbott has been wrong on all predictions he has made so far?

And on how Tony Abbott’s policy changes seem to depend on how the wind is blowing?

And how Tony Abbott says one thing in the morning and gets on a plane and then says the opposite thing when the plane lands?

And how Tony Abbott does not have policy, just aspirations which seem to only happen if the policy is right, which will make it hard for that to happen as he has no policy?

And how Tony Abbott broke his promise of no new taxes with his paid parental leave scheme which was a levy but is now effectively a tax?

And how Tony Abbott is going to be taxing 3300 businesses 1.5%? And how Tony Abbott in 2003 insisted that due judicial process be done and how now he seems to have changed this stance?

And how Tony Abbott seems to talk non stop about union officials that abuse union funds but doesn’t say a word about Catholic priests that abuse children?

Okay. No one has asked Tony Abbott anything about that latter part of that last question. But why not?

Is he not a member of the Catholic faith? How does he feel about this corruption in his spiritual union? Should those priests be treated with the full force of the law? What about the church itself that has hidden this from the police? Remember, the Roman Catholic church has millions of union members. The HSU has only 70,000. Is he going to stand there while the Cardinal Pell has to rely on the tainted support of his priests? 

No one asks Tony Abbott why is it that he wished to now come fully on board the NDIS, but in so giving that support, he opts to delay it by at least 3 elections. That’s 9-12 years. To many with a disability, that is more than a life time that they will go without support or the current support which all parties agree is cruel and inadequate. No one asked him about that.

No one asks Tony Abbott how prices could possibly go up and up and up when most of the large 500 if not all are going to be buying three years worth of carbon credits. Why you ask me? Because if they don’t buy them at $23 a tonne, then they are looking at more larger prices in the subsequent two years. That means the price will rise by .07% and then stay there. Just like the productivity council predicted.

No one has asked Tony Abbott where in the Clean Energy Bill does it mention any new taxes at all? And if there is no mention of a new tax, why does he keep saying there is?

And no one asks Tony Abbott that if in 2015 when the fixed price period ends and the market price of carbon is actually lower then $23 a tonne at the time, then wouldn’t prices actually go down?

No one asks why he changes his mind on a whim. No one points out how he is prepared to stomp on his own principles in regards to judicial process if it means he can milk a vote out of it. No one points out how he can beat the heads of innocent people seeking refugee all to milk a vote. No one points out how he has one set of standards for himself and another for the prime minister. No one points out how it was perfectly alright for him to change his mind after an election on policy in regards to his medicare promise which he then broke, and how it is not alright if the Prime Minister does the same. No one asks him why he deliberately uses his media ops to smear people who have not even being charged let alone convicted.

Instead they paint him as an alternative leader.

You see Australia, in the clear absence of policy from the coalition, then all you really can talk about is the coalition’s leader. And mention how he is not very good at being an opposition leader. And ask what the hell makes you think he will get better if he becomes Prime Minister?

Some things never change.

A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. debbiep permalink

    Hallelujah, Someone else that Likes, Values, questions to be asked. An explanations to be had. Good questions Ash. Now the answers my firiend is blowin’ in the wind….

    • Peter McGilligan permalink

      What a total load of left leaning garbage! Who’s in Govrnment? Let me see, last time I checked it was a government that cannot keep it’s word, spent the entire surplus left by th previous Government, wasted millions in the pink batts debacle, wasted millions in the building the education revoluton, broke their promise about not introducing a carbon tax under the Government Julia leads, (so whose leading it?) lied about not wanting to oust her leader, something there was as little chance of this as her playing for her favorite football team? Then there’s the real Julia, and of course, the Labour party had lost their way, under Kevin 07, and Julia was going to fix the much hated mining tax of Kevvy, but instead brought it in without any changes to the miners, just to save faever like everything this clueless Julia, and her party union thugs who have never had to work in real jobs. Then there was the total stuff up for our cattle industry in the Indonesian cattle abuse, like everything else was handled by a weak Government who doesn’t check sources, or the fall out to real Australians! Let’s not forget the absolutely disgraceful handling of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS flooding into Australia, not asylum seekers! They actually have money, they in no way meet the criteria for refugee status, and who is paying for this litany of clueless, child like governance? You & me, but still the left snivel libertarians attack to the opposition??? It beggars belief! Look at the real picture, will you still find for this real Julia? Suppose your Ilk always will. Typical of the left, deflect the real issues, This Government has this nation facing financial ruin, loss of most, if not all of it’s international ground, while dividing the nation in some “class” war, and accepting the tainted “vote” of a man who has MAJOR CHARGES pending against him, not for stealing a loaf of bread, not for a disagreement with someone else as Senator Heffernan has! The left leaning fly by the seat of their pants Laborites cluless “rationality” will be trounced at the next election-Good riddance, Australia is fed up, if they had ANY honor, they would fall on their collective swords now. Looking forward to the next election!

  2. navypti permalink

    Excellent summation. It’s a shame that the Lemmings who form their opinion based on the stuff served up to them at the breakfast table or the 6pm news don’t take the time to research the full story. Thanks Ash.

  3. navypti permalink

    An excellent summation. It’s a shame that the Lemmings who form their opinions via the stuff that is served up to them at breakfast or the 6pm news don’t take the time to investigate the full story. Keep up the good work Ash.

  4. And who is Peter McGilligan of the above, take a look….

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