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Tony Abbott is a dead-beat ‘dad’.


How much of a dead beat ‘dad’ is Tony Abbott??? Okay. Before you all start making allegations of defamation, I am making an analogy here. One that Tony Abbott has already made.

“It’s not good enough for the Prime Minister to say that this is none of her business — that it’s all in the hands of independent bodies — because Fair Work Australia is Julia Gillard’s creation,” Mr Abbott told The Weekend Australian.

“The investigation into Craig Thomson and the HSU has highlighted serious concerns with Fair Work Australia. There is currently a review of the act and the Prime Minister should take this opportunity to reflect on the flaws of her own act and, where it is recommended, she should strengthen it.”

FWA is your baby: strengthen it, Abbott tells PM –

Oh dear. This is the same man who is off still looking for his long lost sperm deposit… I mean son. You see. As it turns out, If FWA is Julia Gillard’s baby, then Tony Abbott is the sperm donor. In 2002, while minster for Workplace Relations, Tony Abbott made a fundamental change. With the advent of ‘Work Choices’ on its way, Abbott sought it a good time to remove criminal penalties from the Registered Organisation Act. Phil Coorey mentioned it in his article…:

Abbott’s own act to blame for the lack of criminal charges

Legislation Tony Abbott intorduced in 2002 as workplace relations minister are preventing Craig Thomson from being laid with criminal charges. Photo: Penny Bradfield

TONY ABBOTT’S frustration that the Fair Work Australia investigation into the Health Services Union has not paved the way explicitly for criminal charges in part stems from legislation he introduced as the workplace relations minister in 2002.

The Registered Organisations Act, which details the rules about the financial management of organisations such as unions, provides for civil, not criminal, penalties for breaches. Consequently, the investigation by FWA was never supposed to be a precursor to the laying of criminal charges and it was not surprising the Commonwealth DPP said the 1100-page report referred to it by FWA was of next to no use because it did not amount to a brief of evidence.

Read more:

The most poignant part of all this hitting the fan is finding out that under Abbott’s modified version of the Registered Organisation Act, there was never going to be any criminal charges laid what so ever. And despite Abbott knowing this as he fathered these changes, he lied to the electorate about the possibilities of criminal charges. He defamed and demeaned a fellow member of parliament. He called Craig Thomson tainted in an attempt to make him look guilty even before a charge was laid. If a person attempted to do this to you in private life, you would sue the shit out of the prick.

It gets worse. Abbott has consistently been telling any camera and any microphone that the report MUST be released and it MUST be done yesterday. He raised mention of all these other inquiries and how long the FWA inquiry was going.Really? Speaking of yesterday’s… lets take a little look at Tony Abbott in 2003. In a article in The Punch this week by Malcolm Farr, Malcolm mentions the coalitions  mentions of other inquiries… all that is but one. In the piece, Farr points out Abbott’s sheer hypocrisy.

Keep recommendations secret, said Tony Abbott

There was a concerted effort by senior Liberals led by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to have the FWA report made public before the DPP was finished with it – which came sooner than most expected. A string of past inquiries into unrelated matters were offered as precedents for the document’s release.

They included findings of the royal commission into the $5.3 billion collapse of HIH in 2003; the 1989 report of the Fitzgerald inquiry in Queensland; a 2007 report suggesting charges against Brian Burke; and two reports by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption.

But one inquiry was glaringly absent. That is the Royal Commission into the Building and Construction Industry (2001-2003) under Terence Cole, set up following an Employment Advocate report ordered by Workplace Relations Minister Tony Abbott.

In March 2003 there was debate over making public the royal commission’s recommendations for criminal prosecutions.

Tony Abbott forcefully insisted the recommendations be kept secret.

“If we were to publicly table a document which names people and recommends various prosecution actions, then we would obviously be creating a media firestorm,” Mr Abbott said at the time.

“It may well be that not all of those prosecutions go ahead, certainly I think people deserve their day in court.”

A sound argument, but not one Mr Abbott favours at the moment.

Abbott is such a sleaze. He uses his position to defame and lie about the reality of criminal penalties. He gets his useless excuse for a shadow attorney general to makes his lies and defamations sound almost like legal speak.  Then he throws his legislative sperm into everything he can and then wants nothing to do with the child produced.

Abbott is such a ‘dead beat dad’. Time for all us to take a ‘dead beat holiday’ from him.

A. Ghebranious  2012

  1. Robina permalink

    Excellent heads up again on this really seriously demented man.

  2. Geoff permalink

    …so Ash. Where my head is at … the bill for the Brothel on Craig’s Credit Card was $2,600 or there abouts. Now I am not sure what the rates are but maybe the starting point is $100 for a low level service (some may recall the Penguin joke). So simple mathematics would suggest that there was between 26 people (each getting a low level service) and I person (if we assume Craig was getting the absolute works)
    …So Ash the big question how many were in Craig’s party (mathematically between 1 and 26) …and who were they??
    Was it a Lower House get together of 26 Labor MPs or was it a mixture of 25 Labor MPs and Senators?? emotionally scarring but was Gillard part of the party?? Was Gillard and Tim part of the get together. I think there are people out there who know. Obviously the ladies (and handsome boys if involved?) would know who the gang of 26 are and I think you can assume Tony has been told. …it is understandable how every Labor person does not want this report released?
    Happy Easter.

    • Actually you need to look at the law. And the law states if these occurred then a civil penalty warrants. Abbotts own law changes. But even before you begin, the allegation has to be proven in a court of law. Till then, you are innocent. Thats the law of the land.

  3. Catching up permalink

    One thing about Abbott and the media, they do not let facts or truth get in the way of a good story.

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