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”I remember him saying: ‘Tony, I would do anything for this job. The only thing I wouldn’t do is sell my arse, but I’d have to give serious thought to it,”’ he said.

When Tony Windsor released this little gem, I think 22 million Australians deep in their heart said. ‘Yep. Sounds like Abbott!’

This was the man who ran a 2010 election campaign saying that the coalition will cut spending to realistic levels. Remember that? Shortly after the election we discover that Andrew Wilkie asked for a billion dollars to the Hobart hospital. Abbott promptly agreed. I mean why not? It was not like he had to sell his arse right? The population of Tasmania is 500,000 people. At 1 billion dollars, it is equivalent of spending $2000 per person in Tasmania. That is double the stimulus spending per person the ALP spent. And the coalition called that a frightful waste. I guess double that amount is not a frightful waste?

Abbott went to the 2010 elections making the claim that his coalition would introduce no new taxes. He did however release his paid parental leave scheme which had a ‘levy’. He DENIED this levy was a tax. For the election campaign he denied it. For 18 months after the election campaign he denied it. And yesterday in a interview with John Laws he finally admitted that it was sort of a tax.

At the same time Abbott claimed that Gillard was planning to put in a carbon tax. Gillard denied this. She appeared and made her statement which has since been edited to only show half her answer.

“There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead”.

However that is NOT the full sentence despite how often Andrew Bolt plays this edited statement on loop. Gillard’s full answer went on to talk about capping emissions (2:14)

Also in newspaper article a week before the election, the PM had already said this

“I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.””

We know what came next. A hung parliament. Neither party with a majority and negotiations began. It is unclear if Abbott offered Bob Brown his arse. It is clear that Bob Brown declined. Gillard found herself in an uncomfortable rock and a hard place place. To get her pricing of carbon through, she negotiated a 3 year fixed price. At the end of that, the ETS will begin. As she had said. She was determined to price carbon. And even if that meant doing something she had previously ruled out to get there.

Of course Abbott LOVED this. He played this carbon tax thing for all its worth. I think its time people knew the truth.

To get a new tax in place, the word ‘tax’ has to be used in the legislation. NONE of the pieces of legislation in regards to the Clean Energy Fund mentions the word ‘tax’.

Here is another little truth. For Abbott to demand a ‘levy’ to be imposed on business, to legally make that a valid piece of legislation, the coalition MUST use the word ‘tax’. That is because businesses are not citizens. You can levy citizens (eg MEDICARE levy) but you have to tax business. Abbott knew this. He knew this before the 2010 election when he deceived the electorate telling them he will NOT impose any new taxes. He denied his levy was a tax saying what ever he needed to say to get into power. He even tried to sell his arse to new parents. But he also knew it was a tax.

Likewise, Abbott is very aware that the CEF legislation has NO NEW TAXES in it. But he lied and he told the electorate it was. He still does now despite having now seen the legislation.

Abbott has been saying the PM said one thing at the election and did another thing after the election all to try and win power. Hypocrisy. I implore you to once again, read that quote from Tony Windsor. You know its true. Abbott would do anything to win power. Even sell his arse.

And if it means he lies to an electorate before an election, he does not balk at all. He will even maintain the lie for 18 months after. Apparently there would be no new taxes under a government he leads. But Albo gave us the clue.

“In your guts, you know he’s nuts”.

So true. Not only is this guy mental, he would really would say anything.

ADDENDUM: I thought some of you won’t believe me re the Clean Energy Bill so here it is for you to search your self. It talks about acting as a tax, but it does not introduce any NEW taxes. It also uses a lot of existing taxes to do the job. Hence when Abbott claims removing the Clean Energy Bill will be easy, he is lying. It will mean having to redesign new laws to allow the benefits but remove the tax. It will be very difficult. Not easy.


A.Ghebranious   2012

  1. Robina permalink

    Great piece, well done Ash.

  2. Alister Ferguson permalink

    I support what you are saying here 100%, but I think its important that you ensure every word is true, so that you can’t be torn down by Liberals/media/climate change denialists. Because those folks LOVE to find a small error as an excuse to debunk an entire argument. Logical fallacies are their only tool in an argument, but they use them all the time (& to disturbingly great effect).

    Can you refer to a movie or audio recording where Julia actually says ““There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead, but lets be absolutely clear. I am determined to price carbon”?

    Because I cannot find it. But I did find a bigger snippet of the interview (the one the haters love to sample!)

    & she says something quite different.

    So maybe you want to change your story here? For me, the whole tax / levy argument is enough – Julia never lied – carbon tax is a levy on businesses, not a tax on the people. I think that is where the strength in your argument sits.



  3. Alister Ferguson permalink

    Cool. & it still backs your argument – Julia never “lied” (& even if she had changed policy – she’s hardly the first politician to do so!!)

    If only more people could see how they are being manipulated by the mainstream media’s agenda… anyway, gotta keep fighting the good fight! Nice work on the blog 🙂

  4. Jason Hassard permalink

    Hi I am looking for an authority on the quote, ““There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead, but lets be absolutely clear. I am determined to price carbon”? As the arguement from the cons is always where is your evidence. Ok it is kind of mentioned in The Australaian of the 20 August 2010 in the article by Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanadan.

    • Alister Ferguson permalink

      Good on you for seeking out the truth Jason 🙂

      She pretty much says it in the video above, just slightly different wording. I think Ash has nailed it – its all about the (terribly unfortunate) fact that the levy has to be called a tax. It’s astounding (& sickening) how effectively this small piece of nomenclature has been used against her. Fortunately, it looks like Abbot is doing a great job of digging his own grave – he will never be PM 🙂

      • Jason permalink

        Ok thanks, but I would like to find a transcript of the full quote so I have a base to use as an arguement against the cons.

      • Alister Ferguson permalink

        I hear ya 🙂

        Maybe ask the ALP directly? Please post it here when you find it – I would also love to have some additional ammo on this topic.

  5. Pip permalink

    I think the quote is from the Q and A segment of a National Press Club Address a couple of years ago, but don’t forget the part the media have played in the “no carbon tax” meme. ABC reporter Heather Ewatt did her usual Mrs. Mangles trick on 7.30.

    HEATHER EWART: With this carbon tax – you do concede it’s a carbon tax, do you not?

    JULIA GILLARD: Oh, look, I’m happy to use the word tax, Heather. I understand some silly little collateral debate has broken out today. I mean, how ridiculous. This is a market-based mechanism to price carbon.

    HEATHER EWART: Well with this carbon tax then, it does seem certain that fuel and electricity prices will go up. How are you going to be sure that you can compensate for that, especially for low income earners?

    JULIA GILLARD: Well, can I say this is a market-based mechanism to price carbon. It has a fixed price period at the start, a price that will be fixed. That is effectively a tax and I’m happy to say the word tax. How will we know that we can support people? Well, every dollar that is raised through this carbon price will go to assist Australian households, assist industry to help make the transition and go to fund programs that tackle climate change. And I know there will be a lot of discussion about electricity prices. The hard truth, Heather, is electricity prices are going to go up – that’s what everyone is saying – whether we price carbon or not. If we price carbon, we will be able to assist people and move to a low pollution future. Otherwise electricity prices’ll go up, there’ll be no assistance and no transition in our economy.

    Labor’s carbon tax fate and the benefit of hindsight
    By ABC’s Barrie Cassidy

    Posted Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:00am AEDT

  6. Pip permalink

    For the record, Cassidy and Ewatt spend their evenings together playing word games….. they’re married…. to each other.

  7. Pip permalink

    I am fairly certain that the comment people are asking about was made at this NPC,… I watched it and unfortunately didn’t think to record it. If anyone knows of a transcript of the question and answer segment please let Ash know and we can all share it.

    Quote from the PM’s address to the NPC:- There is complete consensus that the most efficient way to reduce carbon is to price carbon.

    National Press Club Address: I see what needs to be done and I will do it
    Julia Gillard posted Thursday, 27 January 2011–i-see-what-needs-to-b/

  8. Pip permalink

    This is the speech the Prime Minister made BEFORE the 2010 election in which she announced that she would out a price on carbon followed by a “market mechanism”, an emissions trading scheme, which was called the CPRS, the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

    As we have seen many times now, and mentioned in Ash’s post, this was reported by Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan prior to the speech at the National Press Club.

    Neither the Coalition nor the media have any excuse for their rant about the lie that never was!!

    ********** Speech: Julia Gillard, “Moving forward together on Climate Change”
    Julia Gillard
    posted Friday, 23 July 2010–julia-gillard,–moving-forward-together-on/

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