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Government is NOT like running a business!!!


Sorry. But it is not. Governing, whether that be a state or a nation, is more like running a household.

You see, you not only have to be concerned with economic issues, but social issues too. From raising children to organising funerals. Because that is exactly their job. To allow us to be born, grow up, get educated, get a job, move out of home, get into a relationship, have a family, raise them, see them leave, and inevitably be buried in the family plot. The whole gamut!

Like all households, they have a budget. It’s best to stay within that budget, but occasionally, like every household, they get a loan. This is to do stuff like fix the car, repaint the children’s room, start on the extension for the granny flat, make sure the kids go to school, renovate the bathroom and the kitchen etc etc etc.

Like all households, you want to get the best job you can get so you also need to invest on the economy as well. Then the kids need new clothes. And there is always someone nagging you about the garden. You barely even get a Sunday afternoon free to watch the footy! Not to mention how you occasionally have to deal with the kids fighting and the teenagers wanting to rebel.

If all governing was was running a business, it would all be about the profit and loss sheet at the end of the financial year. But governing is so much more than that.

Governing is not like managing a business. It’s like managing a Modern Family.

A. Ghebranious   2012

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