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Brandis outs Abbott


In a rather off the cuff QANDA discussion in regards to tone of the political debate, George Brandis made a political statement.

When quizzed in regards to the sign that Tony Abbott cheerfully appeared in front of at a certain Anti Carbon Tax rally in 2010, Brandis originally made the statement that you can not blame Tony for the signs! He did not make them. A defence Abbott and his people used last year.

But when pushed that Abbott could have demanded that the signs be removed, Brandis said that it is a reasonable political strategy to allow public signs to be seen.

In other words, the above shot was not only carefully stage managed, it was planned.


Addendum: transcripts out.

CRAIG EMERSON: Well, what I said is that there were problems with this Government. I mean can’t you say that? Is that a personal attack? There were problems with the Government. It was a statement of fact. But I haven’t engaged in personal vilification. It’s not something that I think is the right way to go. I tend to agree with the questioner. You know, we do need to lift the standards, lift them right across the board. I was absolutely appalled when I saw Tony Abbott and ten other Coalition MPs stand up on a truck where there were signs saying “Ju-liar Gillard, Bob Brown’s bitch.” You know, “Ditch the witch.”

GEORGE BRANDIS: You’re not saying that they were responsible for those signs, are you?

CRAIG EMERSON: No, but they saw those signs a half an hour before and they still got up there. All they needed to do is say, “Take the signs down. We’ll make our statement. We’ll make it strongly but we won’t make it personal.”

GEORGE BRANDIS: Well, I think it is perfectly legitimate…

CRAIG EMERSON: Well, there you go.

GEORGE BRANDIS: …for the Opposition to make the point.

CRAIG EMERSON: I rest my case, your Honour.


A. Ghebranious  2012

One Comment
  1. jane permalink

    How astonishing to know that the photo of Sneerleadeer and his two favourite bitches was planned and carefully stage managed!

    Who woulda thunk it?

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