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Things that make you go hmmm


The coalition are adamant that the 43rd parliament is not working. The government is adamant that it is, citing 350 bills that have passed through the apparently unworking parliament.

When challenged on the number of bills the government has passed, the answer from the coalition tends to vary. If questioned on how well the government is going, they argue that all these 350 bills do is add further and further regulations on businesses that will cripple the economy. When challenged on the number of bills passed despite the coalition negativity, they argue that that is not true! That they have not been negative. And in fact, they have supported the government on over 90% of their bills.

Think about this people. The same bills they claim add further regulations on business that will apparently cripple the economy – 90% of those, they support.

But there is far far far more to this then meets the eye. The coalition go on and on and on about how great the Howard government was. In fact, the Howard government was “SO” good, that they agree that over 300 pieces of the Howard government legislation needed to be changed. Of course not all the bills are changes to existing systems. But the vast majority are. And of this majority, the coalition provided majority approval to 90% of the government’s changes. Sure many of the changes are small ones merely ironing out problems. But many are are significant. And again. The coalition tell us the approve of 90% of the governments changes.

Apparently the Howard government was not as good as the coalition like to paint.

A. Ghebranious 2012

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