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It’s the tie!


It has to be! Something has happened to Question Time!

Okay. It might be the fact that Peter Slipper is putting his stamp on the way Question Time is conducted. He did stuff like shorten answers and questions. Makes the call on if a supplementary question is worthy of being asked. And allows them from all MPs, including the government.

And if you are answering a question and being irrelevant to that question, he will sit you down, no matter who you are. Ask the PM!

It might be his take no shit attitude where he saw off Warren Truss on another 94A sin binning: Warren’s second in a week. When the nationals leader commented that a ruling the speaker had given was outrageous, Slipper stamped his foot down and threw him out with little if any warning.

As a result of these changes, MPs on both side of the house refrain from tittering when he demands someone on one side or the other be heard in silence.

Slipper has also managed to invest quite a bit of humor into his job too. Today he smacked down Tony Abbott big time.

Allow me to paint the scene. The coalition were all prepared to call for another censure motion. If they do, it would be their 42nd censure motion in the 44th term of Australian Federal politics. The coalition were about to go for it when the PM stood up at the same time as Tony Abbott. What Tony had not seen was it was now 3.11. One minute past the new cut off time. The point of calling a censure is it allows him to basically call a time out. If this occurs within the limits of a question time, then the censure motion is telecast.

The other thing that happened was a ALP MP had asked a supplementary question taking the tally of questions to be asked to its target.

In the ruckus, Abbott began his call… ‘I move that<blah blah blah> ‘. The PM at same time was calling for question time to be closed.

Peter Slipper called for quiet and leaned over to Abbott and said “Did I hear you say ‘I move’?” A chuffed Abbott cheerfully responded, “Yes Mister Speaker!” to which Peter Slipper let out a sigh and said “A pity. I thought you were going to say something original”.

Absolutely hilarious. As it turned out, Slipper ruled that he would listen to premise of motion (one line) and decide if it was worthy of listening to. Abbott then did a sneaky and tried to ask a question thereby prolonging question time and allowing him to censure after a point of order or two. Slipper ruled against him. Its not like the liberal party can dis-endorse him again.

Some say its the new rules. Some say its Slipper’s no shit from anyone attitude. Some say he is free to actually be independent.

I reckon its the tie.

A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. Pip permalink

    I really like Speaker Slipper 😆

  2. Catching up permalink

    It was a clever move on the part of Labor. The beauty is that the man is appearing to be come popular.

    Makes it hard for either side to attack.

  3. It’s great to see someone really bring “order” to the rabble.

  4. mary permalink

    Love it love it,,’ so much karma goi g on go ‘mr slipper but u have to give him credit also for beig very even handed

  5. Casablanca permalink

    Peter Slipper is very effective and he discharges his duties with firmness and humour. A real no nonsense approach to a difficult assignment.

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