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The 2012 Parliamentary year finally starts


And thank bloody christ! I mean here I was in blogger blockage!

I say finally start because for me, this was the official first day. Today: post a ballot that the party had to have a long time ago. It was like a chain was tied to their ankle tied to a growing metal ball. One that grew heavier and heavier for 20 months. Finally, they are free of it. For all sides. It’s off their chests. And there is not a day to waste said the Prime Minister.

A internally wounded but externally solid party came into Question Time with fire and power in their bellies. And not just the PM. Their answers less stepped in negative rhetoric and more outling the vision of the party.

The 2013 election campaign has begun.

A. Ghebranious 2012

  1. John permalink

    More Shite, get a job!

  2. Paul permalink

    Instead of “Thank bloody Christ” can’t you use “well fuck allah”

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