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Template Trouble


When you think about it, the polling in the next few months is going to be very interesting.

You see for many people, the events of June 2010 defined the template that Julia Gillard has been judged on almost everything she has done and the policies she has delivered. The problem that caused was not many people had any idea of why things happened the way they happened the day Gillard became PM.

Faced with little of the truth of the events, people were faced with judging her based on what Tony Abbott said happened. So they cut out where they thought the template should be cut out based on what they felt happened or what they decided to believe happened.

Now, 20 months later, people are finding out the template they use, the one they have used to judge her by all this time, is faulty. For many this will not matter. Hell, they may even not care. But for others, suddenly they are going to at some time readjust their view of her and then re examine her actions in the last 20 months by this new template. Hell. They might even be more prepared to listen to what she has to say carefully from now on as they may have been hasty. Who knows?

The other template the public may also have to readjust is the one they cast on the ALP as a whole and determined that they had lost their passion. This week has been very difficult for the ALP, but it has seen dramatic and passionate debate. Yes some of it in spite. But just as equal passion for unity. And as a whole, maybe they need to readjust their generalised views of those in the labor party. And as a result, their primary vote has grown in a week where it should have plummeted.

You see, templates are a great way of quickly assessing something. But if it turns out you are using a faulty template, then everything you may hold to be true is no longer true.

So the polls will be strange for a month or so as people readjust themselves to the new data of June 2010 and readjust their view of the PM and the ALP as a whole.

But will this be a template for the PM’s success?

A. Ghebranious 2012

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