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I, Human


Humans are a strange lot. Capable of great compassion and great hate all at the same time. We love hearing about the rich teenage video singing star and how she is getting fat. Or thin. On the drink. Then off it. In love, then out of it. It makes us feel better to know that despite their wealth and what you think of their talent or if its deserved, they put food into one hole and shit out the other just like the rest of us.

So it surprises the shit out of me to see the vomit spewed up by some newspaper headlines and TV news segments.

Commentators would comment on the comments of others commenting that its such a pity that our politicians did not show a little more humanity. Well guess what people? ALP  and Coalition members ARE human! Just like you and me they have personal conflict issues at times!

So this leadership stoush is not disastrous so much for the ALP then for the next times you can run headlines saying politicians are not human.

Sure this showdown will have effects because the people involved are ALL human. They feel anger, guilt, shame, and yes, revenge. In fact, like us all, they have all those. All those and more. Humans are a twisted lot.

The coalition are calling this chaos.Calling it undemocratic. Saying the party is in crisis. The new speaker offers a different view.

Will the ALP suffer from this at the ballot? No. The damage, if it comes, will be after. And not necessarily by barbs a candidate with their nose out of joint. The coalition will ask why people said one thing and then said the other. Why they seemed to have so many contradictory positions. And the answer is quite obvious.

They are only human.

A. Ghebranious 2012

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