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Rudd has not changed


Last week, Kevin Rudd told a late night skynews interview that he had changed. Bullshit.

Rudd’s 18 month stealth campaign against the prime minister Julia Gillard has come to a close. Nobly, Kevin told tired news journalists that he will stop doing things by stealth and now continue the undermining from the back benchs. But Rudd’s attempt at the dramatics has come crumbling down. What better way to repay Brutus but to get her in the Ides of March.

To Rudd, this would have played to his idea of his own importance. A resurrection from what he believes his political wilderness during the period we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Humbly though, Rudd planned his resurrection before Jesus’s to avoid confusion between him and that other messiah guy.

Rudd’s push for the top job came before the start of the 2010 election and has never really stopped. Julia Gillard has been not only trying to forge workable policy in the midst of a minority government, the relentless assault by the coalition and big business interests re tobacco and mining and clubs, she had to also try and keep Kevin in tow. Suddenly my admiration rises for this woman. Also explains why her office staff have occasionally dropped the ball.

Rudd’s love of PR and his preference for polls over policy lead to his demise in 2010. He preferred to take advice from his PR people and lobbyists rather than his own colleagues. He tells us he has changed. Yet he calls a 1 am press conference deliberately designed to steal news coverage to announce he is resigning and tells his PR lobbyist advisor, Bruce Hawker, but does not tell his own supporters.

He has not changed.

Ever since the ALP caucus decided to dethrone a first term Prime Minister in great humiliating fashion for Rudd, they have been hog tied in telling Australians why they did what they did. With Rudd still in the caucus and still an elected MP and the frigging foreign minister, the Prime Minister and other ministers had to hold their tongue. Swann’s response to Rudd’s resignation is a sign of what they had to keep bottled up.

The ALP did it self no favours hiding this from the public. People still, till recently, often questioned why the ALP ousted Kevin. It is now becoming quite clear. The problem Rudd will face though is countless he said she said allegations from whoever loses the leadership vote. Not only can they draw now on why they ousted Kevin in 2010, they can also bring in the dirty linen since then.

Rudd could have and should have bided his time. His need to dig in the knife and attempt to bring down the PM in March for dramatic effect has failed. He is short numbers. And now he is short friends in the senior ministry.

Rudd will have to play. He will have to put his name up. And he will probably fail and fail badly.

In so doing, Rudd is facing a checkmate. He pushed the date. He pushed the undermining. He canvassed for the leadership. To now sit out of a ballot would be unthinkable. But also knowing Rudd, the drama queen will commit his seppuku unwillingly. Nor can he count on seeking the support of a second to finish the blow if he fumbles with the ritual as he no doubt will. This leaves time for the Rudd to say a few things before his entrails spill to the floor.

But will what he says bring down the Prime Minister in his passing? I doubt it. You see the other foible that Rudd had was his ineffectiveness. He was ineffective at getting policy in. He was ineffective at dealing with his colleagues. It appears he will be ineffectual in this challenge for the leadership, and no doubt his passing words in his suicide note will also be ineffective.

Rudd has not changed. He is still a drama queen.

A. Ghebranious  2012  (All Rights Reserved)

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