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The Fine Print


Agreement *yadda yadda yadda* Wilkie *yadda yadda yadda* Gillard *yadda yadda yadda*

Ahh.. here we are. The fine print. I ain’t no lawyer, but was this agreement ever even possible? Bigger loops holes then moons of Titan. Also, according to the wording of the this agreement, the PM did not break it. See all the clauses of clause 7.7.

And for those who want to see the rest, here it is. BTW interestingly the breaking of agreement also means that other stuff that Wilkie had asked for re funding etc has also gone? Luckily the govt was looking to tighten their belts.

A. Ghebranious 2012

One Comment
  1. Geoff permalink

    MPC was never technically deliverable. Just an insane thought bubble by Wilkie and a silly, rushed decision by Gillard …. where have I heard that before ….

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