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The White Deodorant Policy


Howdy folks! First post of the year! Woohoo me! Had a bit of a break from blogging, but this story was too good to let go.

NEW immigrants should be taught about the Australian customs of wearing deodorant and waiting patiently in queues as part of a program to help them come to grips with local culture.

Opposition citizenship spokeswoman Teresa Gambaro has also called for mandatory “cultural awareness training” to be taught by employers who are bringing in immigrants for work under programs such as 457 visas.

Ms Gambaro said she was concerned that new immigrants who had come on visas for work were not integrating into the community and that the nation was failing its obligation to teach them how to fit into Australian culture on issues such as health, hygiene and lifestyle.

Now lets really focus in on what Ms Gambaro is calling for here. Who is it that comes to Australia on 457 visas? Well I am glad you asked!

Temporary Business (Long Stay) – Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) This visa is for employers who would like to employ overseas workers to fill nominated skilled positions in Australia.

Some of these skills include : CEO’s. Managers. Engineers. Accountants. Teachers. Scientists. In fact, they relate to employment starting at a $50K minimum threshold up to $180k.

We are talking about skilled professionals here. Ms Gambaro’s comments seems to label these people smelly queue jumpers. Where have we heard that before? And yes. From both sides.

It is quite clear that Ms Gambaro’s comments where not aimed just at skilled workers. What Ms Gambaro is saying is foreigners are a smelly lot who disobey authority. Now where have I seen something similar to that?

You see its not all that far a slide to go from calling certain cultures smelly and unruly to disease carrying vermin.

The even more ridiculous aspect of Ms Gambaro’s call is the Coalition, a supposed political party that stands for less business regulations and cutting red tape and costs, are imposing a direct cost and new regulation and red tape. No one seems to have noticed this. Yet. Where is the outcry from the business community?

But the pièce de résistance is this. Here is a link to the current requirements in regards to those applying for 457 visas.

Employee Eligibility

Now I am not sure if Ms Gambaro bothered to look up the website and brush up on the conditions of a 457 visa. They seem pretty strict.

But as I said already. Ms Gambaro really did not mean to attack the holders of these visas. She was after the smelly foreigner in general.

So what would this kind of policy change do? What would imposing an extra cost on business to provide mandatory training for people from ‘non western’ backgrounds do? Well, if we believe business now, it would just impose a cost that would drain growth in an already difficult business climate.

And to alleviate that cost, these businesses will seek applicants from nice white countries that speak English and use deodorant. This means less of those nasty smelly foreigners and more of those cheery white faces.

This is nothing more than a deodorant led return to the White Australia policy. And pardon the pun, but it stinks.

A. Ghebranious 2012 (Yeah yeah. You know the drill. Rights etc)

  1. Catching up permalink

    I seem to remember we used to say the same about the Italians and Greeks, along with the poms about the time her parents came to this country.

    The smell of garlic left much to be desired. Funny, I do not notice the smell of garlic today. Probably because I now love to eat it too.

    There used to be great discussions about their beautiful tiled bathrooms that where never used.

    Funny that.

  2. NormanK permalink

    Welcome back Ash. I look forward to your take on the events of 2012.

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